Lotion for anal lube

Tucked aside in New York's Lower East Side, among a jumble of old tenement buildings crisscrossed with iron fire escapes, is a boutique named Toys in Babeland. The storefront doesn't noise "sex shop" to passers-by, but it's a known emporium of sexual aids. There I met the store's co-owner, Claire Cavanah, to learn some sexed lubricants.

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Anal sex with lotion - Sexual Health - MedHelp

Recently me and my gf has been involved in anal sex with a condom but lately we ran out of make full and have been using manual labourer lotion.i read online that it is bad but has no reasonableness why..im wonderin what are the consequences of involved in anal sex usin ability lotion....are some s.t.d free and hiv free..can anything bad come about to me or her while victimization lotion? There is a reason why there is such a thing as lubricant. The saneness why application is not a good reason is because if it is not water disintegrable it could campaign infections, just same jml1986 said. Use that as an alternative of lotion, it isn't dearly-won either!

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I used body lotion as anal lube, will it do any serious damage to me? - WebMD Answers

Hi If you have around your find lots of grouping use all sorts of creams oils kitchen oils, wood oil, girl oil, and so you can see several use KY jelly, Astroglide, h2o supported or silicon based. The list goes on and on end of the day if it works they use it, if there content with they mental faculty just carry on with it. As daylong as it keeps working for as drawn-out as you poverty it to, or equitable add some more, its what keeps you happy that very counts.

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Lube Up for Better Lovin'

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