Am i anal expulsive

Indicating attribute traits, specified as conceit, ambition, and generosity, supposed by psychoanalytical explanation to create during the orifice stage in habits, attitudes, or values connected with infantile sex activity in the expulsion of feces.

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How to tell if you’re anal retentive – The Straight Dope

Dear Cecil: What exactly is meant by "anal retentive"? I saw a T-shirt that said, "You are anal retentive if you wonder if in that respect should be a hyphen." I wondered if there should be a spell in anal retentive. I have looked unspecified of this stuff up at the library but got tired. Collyer, Honolulu, Hawaii Yeah, turn those pages definitely takes it out of you. porta retentivity is an elaboration of Freud’s ideas on anality, first publicized in 1908.

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Ocd Rant About Anal-Retentives... - Philosophy Forums - Science Forums

Many outsiders are subject to massive abuse and stifling from a identification number of anal-retentive members of forums. Forums are small areas, like the black alleys of the INTERNET. Once the outsider is at the forum, they are captive, concealed from the masses, and vulnerable.

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Anal-expulsive - definition of anal-expulsive by The Free Dictionary

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