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The act of "kissing", characterized by the OED as "To press or touch with the lips (at the same time period compressing and then separating them), in token of feeling or greeting, or as an act of reverence; to salute or stroke with the lips; to give a touching to", can be copied rearmost to c 900. The beforehand indicator to "kiss my arse" (British English) recorded by the selfsame reference source, as in "to behave servilely towards (a person)" or as "a common rejoinder, stronger than ‘go to hell’", is from 1705. piece the OED doesn't attempt to vindicate the dead etymology, it seems reasonable to accept that the reference in the sense of "kissing ass" (or, in British English, "arse licking") is to the act of subjugating yourself to state to a lower place another individual—whether in terms of wealth, social state or some new criterion—and of hard to get as adjacent to them as possible.

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