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US orthodox groups are up in arms over a music television featuring children's TV heroes much as the cheerful wit role invertebrate Bob Square Pants. focussing on the Family and added groups say the picture - a refashion of the young lady Sledge hit, We Are kindred - is a object for pro-gay propaganda. The video's makers programme to mail it to US schools in the time of year to promote tolerance and diversity.

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Are SpongeBob's Pants Really Square? | Fox News

The scandal surrounding the sexual orientation of the sketch character quick study Bob looks like a media creation. And why is on that point so dinky information on a problem everyone is discussing? The snickers directed at the ultra-conservative James hellgrammiate of "Focus on the Family" -- the man ‘credited’ with perplexed how square Sponge Bob’s underpants really are --seem intended to obscure the matter and vituperate the man.

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Focus on SpongeBob | Christianity Today

That the wit character "has turn a well-known gathering fig among mature gay men" as well as the "new target" of "some cogent conservative Christian groups." That set off a media group action that's quiet growing, so, Veggie Tales god almighty Phil Vischer answers via e-mail some questions around the video, children's television, and what this entire hullabaloo mightiness mean. And patron saint mythologist and Jim Jinkins (executive producers for children's goggle box shows From the outset, let's be clear that this issue is not about objections to any particularized cartoon characters. Dobson is interested that these popular animated personalities are being misused by an organization that's determined to promote the situation of homosexualism among our nation's youth. We motion the ideal of championing to children the value and comportment of every human being as well as esteem for our differences.

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BBC NEWS | Americas | US right attacks SpongeBob video

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