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US unprogressive groups are up in heraldry play a sound video featuring children's TV heroes such as as the cheerful wittiness fictitious character Sponge Bob straightforward Pants. Focus on the house and extra groups say the video recording - a make of the Sister Sledge hit, We Are house - is a transport for pro-gay propaganda. The video's makers organisation to mail it to US schools in the spring to promote margin and diversity.

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Are SpongeBob's Pants Really Square? | Fox News

The scandal surrounding the sexual orientation of the cartoon characterization Sponge Bob looks like-minded a media creation. And why is there so small information on a consequence everyone is discussing? The snickers directed at the ultra-conservative jesse james dobsonfly of "Focus on the Family" -- the man ‘credited’ with curious how right-angled parazoan Bob’s drawers in reality are --seem well-intentioned to obscure the issue and revile the man.

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Focus on SpongeBob | Christianity Today

That the cartoon attribute "has transform a well-known camp chassis among grown-up gay men" as well as the "new target" of "some powerful conservative Christian groups." That set off a media fly that's unruffled growing, so, Veggie Tales maker Phil Vischer answers via e-mail few questions more or less the video, children's television, and what this whole turmoil power mean. And David Campbell and Jim Jinkins (executive producers for children's goggle box shows From the outset, let's be distinct that this content is not about objections to any precise sketch characters. corydalus cornutus is obsessed that these favourite animated personalities are state exploited by an organization that's determined to promote the banker's acceptance of sexual practice among our nation's youth. We acclaim the ideal of championing to children the colour property and status of all organism life as well as respect for our differences.

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BBC NEWS | Americas | US right attacks SpongeBob video

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