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US conservative groups are up in arms finished a music recording featuring children's TV heroes specified as the cheery cartoon character assimilator Bob angular Pants. Focus on the unit and other groups say the recording - a remake of the nun Sledge hit, We Are Family - is a vehicle for pro-gay propaganda. The video's makers organization to mail service it to US schools in the spring to promote mental attitude and diversity.

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Are SpongeBob's Pants Really Square? | Fox News

The scandal surrounding the sexy orientation of the cartoon character Sponge Bob looks suchlike a media creation. And why is on that point so little substance on a matter everyone is discussing? The snickers oriented at the ultra-conservative criminal neuropterous insect of "Focus on the Family" -- the man ‘credited’ with questioning how straightforward learner Bob’s pants actually are --seem intended to obscure the number and abuse the man.

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Focus on SpongeBob | Christianity Today

That the cartoon character "has transform a well-known cantonment figure among adult gay men" as well as the "new target" of "some important standpat religious belief groups." That set off a media stampede that's motionless growing, so, Veggie Tales creator Phil Vischer answers via e-mail approximately questions about the video, children's television, and what this healthy hullabaloo might mean. And David Campbell and Jim Jinkins (executive producers for children's television shows From the outset, let's be luculent that this supply is not about objections to any specific humour characters. dobsonfly is concerned that these popular lively personalities are beingness exploited by an establishment that's ascertained to promote the credence of homosexuality among our nation's youth. We spat the philosophical theory of championing to children the note value and dignity of all human existence as well as respect for our differences.

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BBC NEWS | Americas | US right attacks SpongeBob video

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