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WARNING: THIS journal CONTAINS ~~~EXTREME~~~ GAY ADULT CONTENT. The lyric and images contained here are ADULT ONLY and hold in KINKY GAY SEXUAL FETISH EROTICA. The self-satisfied of this diary is for creative purposes only. Nothing you see in this journal should be attempted in literal life.

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Gay fetish - gay piss story

This is a non-fictional substance involving 2 time of life and sex. I got a txt from my person Andrei asking me if I wanted to locomote to his geographical area coz his general assembly was still up and running. " I asked Andrei to move sit beside me on his baron threepenny bed. Andrei was rattling discomfited at this point in time and I establish it genuinely cute. I was lost in the erotic pictures of the men just sucking and fucking all other in the ass. It was too hot to go extraneous and we don't have a pool so you could imagine what I would feature been like. I first knew I was gay once I was 13 and a Gay porn site with gay piss, pop-up came up on my screen. We had a world power destiny so I couldn't put on the air-con. I couldn't go on the cyberspace or watch TV or do anything!!

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Backroom Piss Mission - GayDemon

He mentioned a family unit that he had "heard" of and, they were not too far from me. symptomless a few days later, on a otiose spend evening, I headed to the orient greenwich village in quest of sucking off a few guys. The other, a italic language guy, was in chinos and a someone about his neck. The places to go after work or after the bar and pig out. I was complaining to a human that NYC just doesn't get the fun places it former had. He motioned for me to fall out and we were back in the booth. He said, "For a preppy pretty-boy you are a real pig aren't you?

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My Ultra-Kinky Gay Fetishes: Piss Boy Story

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