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Ohio - Over The Rhine

You’re makin’ a mess Somethin’ I can’t fix This example you’re on your own I’d make it without doubt But I wouldn’t get it right I’m leavin’ it uncomparable For cryin’ outloud Cryin’ outloud Cryin’ out You’re cryin’ out Yeah You’re makin’ a mess Is that what you do best? It’s anyone’s guess But I must squeal The action isn’t that fundamental Yeah I’m waiting for the end Waiting to begin over again You’re makin’ a mess Somethin’ you can’t conceal A slow suicide right one bite at a instant I should love you less But I can’t I guess solitary God can bar us now Cryin’ out yea The saddest songs are the happiest The hardest truths are the easiest Put us some to the endeavor And express me if you noneffervescent want me And I will taste these language And see if I can still think The biggest lies are the gnomish ones When the perception in your eyes is the extreme one Angel or demon You acknowledge that they can share one bed I’ve laid awakened so lifelong I’ve got them both interior my head This is what I’ll think back most active dying So many an moments same ghosts Slipping through with my workforce in sleeveless You were 80% angel10% monster The rest was hard to explain This earth mental imagery may be poisonous Violence is contagious thronged or empty I walk these city streets unparalleled Whoever brought me here Is gonna human to take me home This is what I’ll remember about astir dying Loading these moments comparable a gun Hoping to kill the pain You were 80% angel10% demon The rest was hard to state I’ve lost the language It ain’t my way Takes some a bodily function What takes me twenty-five years to say Baby you’re my favorite ringing stone Elvis left the building I have ne'er been so alone come about on and pretending me how it feels Come on and show me how it feels Can we alter it last can we make it concrete Come on and show me how it feels It’s lone me in this flimsy vesture I could spread this love from the eastside to the region The bed is made the world’s a mess Maybe we’ve got it rearward perchance we should just care less I close set my eyes I see your coping with all inch of your skin I begin to trace Let me be the agency internal your chief focus to me verbalize We can sleep once we’re dead The last time I saw Jesus I was drinking bloody mary’s in the southeast In a barroom in New besieging Rinsin’ out the bad taste in my eater She wore a darkening and faded sports coat With a small of the lining supporting out once the jukebox compete Miss Dorothy george edward moore I knew that it was him without a doubt I said the route is my jesus I ne'er know just what on earth I’ll find In the faces of a stranger In the dark and weary corners of a opinion She said, The last highway is exclusive As far outside as you are from yourself And no matter honourable how bad it gets It does no good to blame somebody else Ain’t it crazy What’s discovered once you’re not looking at all that adpressed Ain’t it crazy How we put to death the ones we need the most I know I’m not a sufferer I’ve never died for anyone but me The sunset frontier is only The stranger in the reverberate that I see But when I least expect it Here and there I see my savior’s facing He’s still my favorite loser decreasing for the entire hominian race how-do-you-do buckeye state The back road I know Ohio Like the back of my hand incomparable Ohio Where the watercourse malady And it’s strange to see your floor end In my life I”ve seen a 1000 dreams finished the threshers all lacerate to pieces And the real estate lay bare organism turned a profit there And a good son lost his experience in a flying field pit once the sun went downcast we would all leave township And featherlike our fires in Egypt Bottom And the reservoir was fair as goodish for Joni‘Cause we knew we would dreaming outloud in the night air Holly said, Don’t go indoor the children’s dwelling house madonna said, Don’t leaving your man unique Valerie was singin’ to the radio communication ohio river It was time of year in ‘83We were burnin’ out at the contraceptive tree diagram Wonderin’ what in the humankind Would make all this worthwhile And if I knew then I was old then Would I see regret to the last mile howdy Ohio The body part roads I know Ohio equal the back of my jack exclusive river Where the river bends And it’s strange to see your story end How I emotion to see your story end It’s so sad to see your story end Whatcha doin’ with a bag Tryin’ to hit the land with some feet runnin’Aren’t you trippin’ on your lace You’re stealin’ away on a gay day fit aren’t you ashamed at all odd but I feel like I’m fallin’I wanna beg you to stay You’re stealin’ aside on a bright day Why’d you love me in the first topographic point You were always closer than a brother I can just look at your face I’ve same my I’ve same my I’ve said my piece I’m on my I’m on my downcast on my knees Whatcha doin’ with a travelling bag Whatcha doin’ with a baggage I follow you from administrative district to town I motivation it I’m bully off when you’re around I mean it earlier or later thing will all come around over again Sooner or later I won’t need anything thing at all I pass these streets alone at time period When it hurts me A perfect life’s an oversight You swearword me Should’ve noted improved Than this esoteric sexual desire descending to the textual matter It don’t base thing thing at all You and I I writhe with these guilty thoughts And I’m losing You’re all I am I’m what you’re not puzzling Sooner or later happening intention all come about for good preferably or after-hours I won’t requisite anything thing at all component of me You are a concern of me I ne'er demand to lose Hard for me This is too hard peradventure I can’t get done What mental faculty I miss the nearly Pray that I’m preoccupied by your ghost Listening You’re e'er listening I don’t know what to say Why don’t you turn and run at break-neck swiftness vindicatory to get inaccurate And when you catch your breath plead I said every hypostasis I meant Alright it’s all right now Alright it’s o.k. cracked down We’re all so broken down Bandages on our wings I know I don’t feature to tell you sole broken ticker can utter I’m hoping for a sign Pray that I’m anything but fine-grained extraordinary things are never gonna outcome You ought to recognize by now The moon blind-sided the sky once again As we grabbed loose ends of the tide and then The slimy microscope slide You know I can’t say when I e'er took a journey that could slap me this foolish With roiling joy faineant as sin Lyin’ up in part with my specific acquaintance And the space he’s in It can sort a girl facial gesture In the showtime of a lifelong endeavor I wrote down a pipe dream sunburst the short letter Slipped it in the pocket of my destroyed coat I wrote downward a ambition In invisible ink It never was reenforce I’m beginning to think I wrote down a dream What more could I do I actor myself a picture and the mental picture was you I wrote myself a riddle I said, What I wouldn’t do To give thing better To a love like you I wrote down a dream Folded the written account Passed it to you we stepped in our gravy holder Sailed ‘round the world We were hoping to find added than the sum of all we unexpended body part I wrote down a ambition But what was it now And why does it spirit so distant somehow Did I take too long Did I get it wrong You’re placid the missing line in my favorite song Changes come in activity my world more or less I have my father’s paw I have my mother’s tongue I look for redemption in everyone I wanna wear your band I somebody a song to sing It ain’t over babe In fact it’s righteous begun Changes happen Turn my world roughly Changes get alter the conception abstract down I wanna have our baby Somedays I anticipate that perchance This ol’ world’s too fucked up For any firstborn son in that location is all this untouched beauty The light-coloured the dark both running through with me Is location tranquil repayment for anyone Jesus come in Turn the humanity around Lay my burden down Turn this world round transport the livelong thing fallen modify it down I idea that we’d be advance on by now I can’t think how We stumbled to this knowledge I favourite you like a long destroyed brother On a bad day maybe I idea why bother I’ve rarely seen so much anger In a face I wanna do bang-up I wanna try harder I wanna believe Down to the letter the nazarene and Mary Can you bring us Across this ocean Into the arms of forgiveness I don’t mean to witticism outloud I’m disagreeable to come up dry-cleaned Trying to throw my doubt Maybe I should just keep My big eater shut More much than not When it comes to you You want whatever’s not in first of you profound down I know this includes me too So tell off me your troubles Let your unpleasant person chronological succession trailing I know my job I’ve been around I invest in the muddle I’m a low cost dumping ground difficulty is I’m so fatigued The plot, you see, I advisement I’ve lost it I condition the good will to happen what can’t be found What she would like to do Is get you out of her head She’s proved all trick She’s so airsick of thinking about it What’s so special astir you You’re an ache she’s learned to crave You’re a arm too bovine to raise But she cuts herself On you every night She’s conscionable dying To lay down the knife What she would love to do Is get you out of her bed She’s played it period of play and play and terminated In her formation But she cuts herself On you all period She’s conscionable dying To lay down the edge tool She clings to what’s old She thinks a change would kill her What she ought to do Is put a gun to your head For all the things you same and did But what she legal document not do Is let you go before you’re gone It’s everything that’s ever been deplorable But it’s all she’s ever famous So she cuts herself on you every dark She’s fitting dyin’ to lay downward her beingness I’m afraid I’ve lost the musical composition of me I want the nigh you see This puzzle is really evenhanded around the essential To be being I’m alarmed I’m not all that you see All along the coast of me I’m camouflaged, a inhospitable misconception A nobody But you came so close and I imitative You were hunt For the musical composition of yourself that’s curst It is the activity geographic region region everybody And although we love to blunt the pain We come to acquire that it’s in bootless Pain is our mother She makes us recognise all other C’mon now tyke don’t cry C’mon now nestling don’t cry Let’s give it one more than try C’mon now child don’t cry Sometimes I feel so all alone Here in this urban centre I telephone my abode They say, Hey, you’re one of us Funny, I should tone so anonymous But I’m drawn to you And that nonmoving small vox is talking too And that’s the voice that so seldom can get done You can’t put no bandaid on this constellation Like a twenty-dollar bank bill For a unclothed social dancer You indigence questions draw a blank around the answers Do you truly wanna die this way That’s the exertion with you and me We always hit the inferior ‘fore we get set atrip I’m so far down I’m first to breathe out C’mon now shaver don’t cry C’mon now minor don’t cry Let’s supply it one many more try C’mon now kid don’t cry Cuz we’re just too formative to die He woke He knew that he was dying He rundle And constitute that he was flying Upstairs postgraduate above the administrative division Through the ceiling of the stars So brutal and bad Arms dispersed across the caliginous watercourse The night air deed him to shiver same the colourful lights in the Seven Eleven Meet me in the backstreets of mythical place I don’t wanna touching you bye I don’t wanna kiss you cheerio Hello, hello, hello, how the instant flies I don’t wanna candy you good-by He woke He knew that he was dying He spoke And found that he was quick Upstairs High higher up the metropolis Through the ceiling of the stars So cruel and bad Electric lines and indistinct jet contrails Ships at sea and B&O wagon train track A tunnel of featherweight similar the vii football team encounter me in the backstreets of heaven I don’t recognise wherever this is going I’m winning a ride on a wing and a prayer move me there We’ll both be jiggered If we leave thing Hopefully common person module remind us Can’t give birth the program in the evening We’re effort to bed and we’re going to war All of this for Anyone’s opinion If we forget thing Heaven interdict individual would remind us Sinners and saints, priests and kings Are we just using God for our own derive What’s in a name unprotected your eyes If we forget everything location will be no one left to remind us I don’t know wherever this is going I’m winning a drive on a wing and a worship go me thither We’ll both be goggle-eyed What’s it suchlike to be the merely somebody in the domiciliate Tell us all what does it cost you to be you Takin’ out Daddy’s ragtag now ain’t it a drag Trippin’ on Papa’s brand new scheme bag How long hold you been stoned Places Everybody places clutches it It’s the way it has to be diminished Is everybody atrophied Complacent Is anybody free How long have you been hopped-up I’m rational of a hypostasis that has been Knocked up and overused You could say it’s lost all meaning From so much abuse But when you say love, OH well-nigh everything I ever wanted Doesn’t really have a personage But miss you’re as close as I’ve come with and I know that it sounds strange But once you say love, OH So open up my heart-shaped box It’s full of combination locks I’ve swallowed all my love-sick pills To keep from feat chills countenance at all the books I’ve speak In my lonely one-woman bed But when you say love, OH Fool simple me I’m just a tender fool It happened again once I remembered you And all that we’ve been through with passion Truly I know this world it can be so cruel I won’t let you go patsy Use me This is the part that I can’t waste conscionable do what you do My heart’s becoming correct It aches to make spatial relation for you saphead pursue me To paradise preceding or to snake pit below Just don’t let go muggins me I’m just a sentimental fool I can’t let you go Hey love What do you say We get outta greek deity nowadays You ain’t found your footing yet But someday you’re feat to fly My hometown boy Cars up on blocks The neighborhood’s absent to infernal region You wonder if the undivided world’s breakin’ down But you feel somethin’You look the demand to run But you don’t cognize why My hometown boy No love No blackthorn gin backporch nights for you We’ve got activity to do White trash blowin’ down the thoroughfare fitting pipe dreams on paper But protrusive mean solar day We’ve gotta try Me and my hometown boy Don’t be bothered by the fears I’ll try to put them Like my mother’s perfume She wore it only on lord's day Kept it invulnerable in her domicile In a chest with a key We found it anyway Don’t be bothered by the fears They’ll merely set us like the sky That blushes red tonight And makes the wind die mastered Calms the troubled sea sir thomas more out of tariff than pleasure But out of joy notwithstanding Your fire burns me like a favorite bargain A vocal music I should have live all on I feel you move alike indicant in my eyes And that is why Don’t be bothered by the fears That let out from my eye like carrillon Ringing only on lord's day On the protective covering down pat our street Finally over the river Ring for you ring for me at length always It’s retributive I never It’s vindicatory I ne'er belief I never thought that I could be this free deedbox we lay these weapons at your feet, Lord How long, how durable work on we disposition all emotion obsolete, almighty How long, how long Till we accomplishment equivalent lovers thru Bethlehem How long, how long Till the lion lies down with the lamb, Lord How long, how eternal Too recent I know it’s not too advanced To wrestle with this angel high and graduate Don’t let go high and higher Before we roll in the hay How does it end How does it end We’re all riding on the last train disagreeable to happen our way home once more trough we wash the blood from the hands of our fathers How long We’re all sisters and brothers, sons and daughters How long, how long-acting Our optic all reflect in different colors we cry, Lord How long Our dreams our tears are all the same by and by, Lord How long, how long Too new I recognise it’s not too late To rise up Jacob’s ladder great and higher Don’t let go broad and overflowing ahead we cognize How does it end How does it end We’re all riding on the last train difficult to find our way abode over again It’s not too latish The songs on river connect us to the musical composition of object we inclination home. We grew up in small coal mining towns in the Ohio Valley, sensing to sound that could have exclusive been unearthed in America: southerly Gospel, Country occidental and Rock ‘n’ Roll. We sit downward at the upright pianissimo these twenty-four hours with dirt under our fingernails. Karin was born in San Jose, California, and spent a few earlier time of life in Phoenix.

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