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A traditional old fashion harem, is wherever an old sultan has a collection of women housed in a regime for his own pleasure. Could pertain for newer environment stories where a similar situation exists.

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Rollin Hand's Blog - The Blackmailed Wife (M/F) - December 30, 2014 12:52

Back when I was just a tyke I came across one of those indecent pamphlet-sized books that oversubscribed in newsstands on 42nd Street body part in the day. It was known as "Blackmailed Wife" and conspicuous a cleaning woman on the screening all dressed in black foundation garments held thrown across several other woman's knee, also black in 60's style girdle, stockings, heels, and so on It was my eldest exposure to the standard "blackmail" plot, so common in spanking lit of that era. It's not so common now, for many reasons, but it has morphed into versatile types of other non-cons tropes similar employment cognate scenarios as well as the well worn "shoplifter" scene.

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Blackmail: Five Exposures

This is an original job of fiction, heading little to no likeness to reality. This is neither planned nor advisable for minors, the faint at heart, or forums/areas/locales wherever much depictions are proscribed, censored, or illegal. This has been posted with the kindly aid and approval of Simon bar Sinister, who besides aright notes, “The situations described here are at best unrealistic or at most unattractive highly disgraceful in real life.

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