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Explore marvellously fun and sexually creative sex stories written by our website visitors for your pleasure. Enjoy everything from true erotic stories supported on their real life sexual experiences to their fantasies and imagination through with made-up sex stories. A young man is pickings a voyage in the time of year time and takes a few days to explore Scotland.

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My married man and I had reached a stage in our marriage wherever our sex life was basically non-existent. He would come in the bed and touching me on my forehead and go to sleep. We were both in our mid-thirties and had been married for almost five years, our day of remembrance was upcoming up and I wanted to try something to [...]Mindy took a meal of meat and dropped her fork.

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Erotic Story – Married Heat

I couldn’t believe how embarrassing you were when I reached into the bell-shaped opening in the front of your fit out and began stroke your hot penis, hearing you moan your approval. My hands traveled up and downfield your treated shaft, my fingers tips lightly caressing the shining head, waiting for the diminutive spurt of pre-love juice, which I rubbed all or so the dome of your manhood. Your hands had traveled to my pussy, and I could feel your fingers searching my wetness and touching my protruding clitoris.

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