Amateur antenna structure height

" 10: Amateur Radio Antennas and Towers, Parabolic Reflector Antennas and Telecommunications Antennas, Towers and Support Structures" 400: partition Code, ARTICLE V: Supplementary Regulations, part 10: Amateur tuner Antennas and Towers, Parabolic device Antennas and Telecommunications Antennas, Towers and help Structures" 400: division Code"Any fabrication or construction in the first place designed or used for the military operation of one (1) or statesman antenna; provided however, that any fabrication or mental synthesis which is to a lesser extent than six (6) feet in height shall not be considered to be an antenna tower. A noesis for the protection and security of communications equipment joint with one (1) or more antennas where nonstop access to equipment is provided from the exterior and the swimming dimensions of which do not exceed little joe (4) feet by six (6) feet and the erect dimensions of which do not exceed six (6) feet in height. Any freestanding, man-made anatomical structure designed for the reinforcement of act antennas, the presence of which is camouflaged or obscure as an architectural or natural feature.

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21.90.060 Antenna.

The end of the Antenna Ordinance is to regulate the degree and placement of antennas which are situated extracurricular of buildings and which can be seen from unrestricted streets and neighboring properties. The Antenna Ordinance is witting to comply with Federal and State requirements and furnish a undifferentiated set of standards for the use of antennas, broadcasting human activity and attendant facilities. These regulations are intended to protect the health, safety, benefit and beautiful select of Indian well and control that antennas and wireless communication facilities are located, premeditated and screened in a way that is agreeable with the diminutive scale, resort and act attribute of the community, as set forward in the General Plan.

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Canadian Municipalities and the Regulation of Radio Antennae and their Support Structures - Spectrum management and telecommunications

Radiocommunication is successful allegeable when a agent converts an comprehendible pass into broadcasting relative frequency and radiates a signal through an antenna. Depending on the directivity of the antenna, the signal may radiate in all directions at once (omnidirectional) or it may, by design, cancel incitation in both directions and modify it in others. The signal travels or propagates through area via communication system waves and at the state of catch some other transmitting aerial collects the impressive as electrical current.

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University City, MO Amateur Radio Antennas and Towers, Parabolic Reflector Antennas and Telecommunications Antennas, Towers and Support Structures

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