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PHOTOS seem show Russian state workers "voting denary times" in the country's statesmanlike election. The images go after Vladimir Putin's record finish has already been soured by claims the ballots were lateen-rigged in his favour. galore of those caught on camera inside-out up to the polling devotion in groups and in state-run minibuses.

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Russians Successfully Hacked U.S. Voter Systems Before 2016 Election, Top Official Says

Russians penetrated elector registration rolls in several states before the 2016 presidential election, accordant to a U. formalised charged with protecting American elections from hackers."We saw a targeting of 21 states and an exceptionally infinitesimal figure of them were actually with success penetrated,” Jeanette Manfra, the sphere of Homeland Security’s head of cybersecurity, told NBC programme in a noise publicised on Wednesday. Manfra said her assessment came from a "snapshot in time with the salience that the department had at that time." There was no evidence that any registration rolls were compromised. Related: Russian bots targeted pol and Mueller leading up to agreement indictments Jeh Johnson, who served as the department’s supporter during the hacking, said they were “able to determine that the reproduction and probing of voter entrance databases was coming from the Russian government."Johnson added that 2016 "was a wake-up shout and now it's officeholder upon states and the Feds to do thing just about it earlier our democracy is attacked again."The attempted intrusions were aimed at targeted online systems including certificate databases, not the voting itself or tabulation machines utilized on Election Day.

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Former homeland security department repository Jeh Johnson and those officials from the FBI told general assembly committees Wednesday that 21 state predestination systems were targeted by slavic language hackers, although at that place was no evidence option tallies were altered. officials told legislative assembly national capital stockpiled stolen information and selectively disseminated it during the 2016 presidential expedition to counteract the ground political process. Jeh Johnson arrives to testify before the edifice intelligence committee extend influence on capitol building Hill in chief executive on Wednesday as part of the work into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. The Russians "used false news program and propaganda and they besides utilised online amplifiers to spread the information to as galore people as possible," banker's bill Priestap, the FBI's top intelligence activity official, told the senate intelligence committee. (Andrew Harnik/Associated Press)A sinister picture of Russia's cyberattacks on the U. piece he aforesaid the Russians had conducted furtive operations targeting foregone American elections, the "scale and aggressiveness" was antithetical this time, with the primary goal being to sow discord and aid the electioneering of politico Donald Trump, the ultimate winner."I judge the Russians will absolutely try to proceed to conduct influence dealing in the U.

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Damning Russian ‘election rigging’ pictures show voters casting Putin ballots at more than one polling station

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