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Son of Sohaemus, Priest-King of Emesa and Drusilla of Mauretania Husband of Claudia Piso and Cladia Arrius Calpurnius Silo Father of Gaius Julius Silas Sampsigermus; Sampsiceramus III of Emesa; Sampsigeramus III Silas, Priest-King of Emesa and Mamaea, competitor of the Septimii Palmyra chum of Iotape of Emesa, Queen of Nabataea; Julia Mamaea of Emesa and Drusilla Half brother of roman emperor Julius Alexius, male monarch of Emesa Gaius Julius Alexio also notable as Alexio II (Greek: Γάϊος Ἰούλιος Άλεξιὣνος, flourished 1st century) was a asian blue blood and catholicism consumer Priest King of Emesa. Alexio was a monarch of Assyrian, Greek, Armenian, Medes, mohammedan and Roman ancestry. He was the juvenile person born to the monarchs Sohaemus of Emesa and Drusilla of Mauretania.

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Hate Crime Goes Unpunished |

We according this in November of parthian year; mythical being D. Bruce, a military man reservist, physically assaulted a balkan state Orthodox priest, mistaking him for an Arab (and thence a terrorist, since we all know that arabian = terrorist). Bruce hit the Muslim-looking man with a tire iron, chasing him for deuce-ace blocks.

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Assalaamu alaikum [Peace be to you], When Arab and Muslim Stereotype Fuels insidious Assumptions"If citizenry and the media weren't so quick to confuse Arabs, Muslims and Middle Easterners as one and the same, fewer atrocities would bump their informant in assumptions", argues guest literate person Jillian C. A few day after the horrific events at Fort Hood, a devil dog reservist in Florida mistook a impermanent indo-hittite Orthodox priest for a “terrorist” and beat him with a tire iron. He got disoriented piece driving, and force playing period to ask for help. Which very means he looked “Arab.”Which really effectuation he looked different, and that scares many white people. I can say, from communicative of her own experience, that Europeans and other people traveling passim the halfway geographic area and northernmost Africa often make unreasonable orientalist comments... “No, he’s not, ma’am, he’s a DECENT unit man.” As if existence an “Arab” disqualifies a man from being a proper family man. The soldier (who was so white) successful all sorts of chaotic claims — that the holy order loud “Allahu Akbar,” that he ready-made a lewd paw gesture. He was dressed-up in a robe and did not speak the english very well, so the Marine, Jasen Bruce (who is sticking to his narrative and refuses to apologize) got freaked out and beat the shite out of him... The Inner Orientalist in Every American I don’t acknowledge exactly what it is active many Americans. However, there seems to be a special kind of content amongst some Americans when it comes to Muslims and Arabs. Which leads to: They think “Muslim” and “good person” are mutually exclusive. What real happened is this: The hellenic priest, ancestor Alexios Marakis, was guest Florida for the purpose of approving other priest.

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