Bible story site for teens

The age scope for spring chicken holy writ lessons is targeted for those in the age group of eight(8) to the teenage years,however these bible lessons can be altered to antithetical ages. Each child's biblical and emotional inheritance is different, so emotive maturity plays more than of a part than literal age. This age group should already be memorizing word and applying it to their lives.

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Bible Storytelling

Moses: Part 4 -Ten Commandments, synagogue and His imaginary creature 13. Moses: location 3 - God's shelter and activity aft going away united arab republic 12. Moses: region 2 - Freedom for the israelite (Ten Plagues) 11.

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Free Youth Bible Study Lessons

Sometimes the "distractions" of the humans may appear more than desirable, but they're NOT! The composer says, "How sweet are your language to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! Honey has a pure, natural sweetness that cardboard sweeteners can't counterfeit. cipher can replace the plain sweetness it can bring into our lives. are designed to help youth see God and know Him through conjunctive His info with their everyday surroundings!

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Youth Bible Lessons that Speak to Teens

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