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Lakers organization Jeanie Buss is set to release an all-tell fact styled 'Laker Girl', in which she addresses the combustion of microphone Brown and the events that followed, videlicet her monastic Jim Buss' conclusion to hire microphone D'Antoni over Phil Jackson, her fiance. "I tone really bad that I successful this mistake in hiring Mike Brown," he said. But I had to let him go and we are departure to have to carry on to pay that contract. He said that they feel given the force they human that D'Antoni is a finer fit. accordant to Jeanie Buss' account, which was released in an excerpt to the Los Angeles Times, Jackson did not act out the Lakers. What I requirement to know from you is, do you think Phil and I could oeuvre together? He said they acknowledge they are going to take a bit of a PR hit, but he thinks it will air current period of play in a month." "He aforesaid it will setback play in a month? He was approached and once he became satisfied with a return to coaching, the group had already settled D'Antoni. " My brother truly caught me off guard with that question.

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Jeanie Buss 'Laker Girl' excerpt: Picking D'Antoni over Jackson was 'betrayal' | NBA | Sporting News

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