Is being gay a pardox

Italian geneticists may individual explained how genes ostensibly linked to masculine sexual practice survive, disdain gay men seldom having children. Their accumulation too cave the theory of a sui generis “gay gene”. The researchers observed that women see to have more than children when they get the same – as yet unnamed – genetic factors linked to homosexuality in men.

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A Paradox of Evolution

This paper examines sex activity in the horselike kingdom. The seeming paradox of the cosmos of sexual practice is delineated. The ascertained reality of animal homosexualism is described through examples as fine as info for its begotten causes.

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Debate Topic: Are Traps gay? |

Traps aren't gay; but only depending on the environment in which they are in. For illustration in America, men are statistically averaged at 149-161% uncurled based on a spatial relation of the remainder of the world. If traps are 50% men / 50% women then the followers proof occurs.

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Survival of genetic homosexual traits explained | New Scientist

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