Is being gay a pardox

Italian geneticists may have explained how genes evidently joined to male homo eroticism survive, despite gay men seldom having children. Their findings likewise undermine the theory of a one-person “gay gene”. The researchers discovered that women tend to human sir thomas more children when they inherit the aforesaid – as yet unnamed – genetic factors linked to homosexuality in men.

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A Paradox of Evolution

This material examines homosexuality in the animal kingdom. The seeming paradox of the existence of homosexuality is delineated. The ascertained reality of animal-like sex is described done examples as all right as testify for its biological causes.

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Debate Topic: Are Traps gay? |

Traps aren't gay; but only depending on the geographical region in which they are in. For enlarge in America, men are statistically averaged at 149-161% straight settled on a gradient of the rest of the world. If traps are 50% men / 50% women so the following amount occurs.

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Survival of genetic homosexual traits explained | New Scientist

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