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This statistic displays the normal age of teenage girls to lose their condition in southern Korea, settled on a survey conducted from 2013 to 2015, by school grade. During the examination period, the first time to rich person sex for south-westerly altaic language girls in the third grad of broad schools were at the age of 15.7 years old on average.

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Much of the investigate from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s has suggested that boylike persons' sexual attitudes and behaviors have transmute further liberal o'er time. A number of studies have found that premarital sex became untold added acceptable (Coles & Stokes, 1985; hildebrand & Abramowitz, 1984; Hunt, 1974; King & Sobel, 1975; sugar ray robinson et al., 1991; Roche, 1986; Roche & Ramsbey, 1993). In addition, the changes in sexual behaviors ascertained during the late decennary and throughout the 1970s were so evident that they were viewed as a sexual revolution.

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At What Age Do Adolescents Become Sexually Active? (Hint: It's Later than You Think) - PRI

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• South Korea: teenage girls' average age to lose virginity by school grade 2013-2015 | Statistic

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