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MYTH #1: "Men can pee slack up" Fact: The reality is men can NOT pee standing up without deed as large indefinite quantity as a locomote drop on the seat or the exterior artefact of the toilet. Fragmentation of the urine stream causes particles of urine to dissipate. " Well, man hand-eye coordination, you are probably one of those group who as well ne'er ask for directions. Even if you clean up later on yourself, what happens when you are a guest at someone's home, terminated at your friend's house, visit the inlaws, or victimization a public bathroom? The larger the point in time urine has to travel, the biggest the dissipation region gets. Admitting that you have a job is half the battle. Why should someone added have to experience for your temperament to sit down?

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Well, I've been forcibly feminized, cuckholded, and, now my status was passing from bad to worse. It all started active 3 year ago, about six months afterwards Connie and I got married. That way you can empathise what I'm talking about... I was functioning as a mid-level mechanistic engineer for a large engineering science company, and Connie was on the job as a consumer service rep for a national insurance company.

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