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— At minimal 100 students at a high body in Cañon City traded naked pictures of themselves, the authorities aforesaid Friday, section of a large sexting ring. The revelation has unexpended parents outraged, administrators searching for missed clues, and the police and the regularise attorney’s authority debating whether to file child pornography charges — including felony charges — against some of the participants. st. george Welsh, the overseer of the prescript City educational institution system, said students at Cañon City High School had been current 300 to 400 naked photographs, including images of “certainly over 100 distinguishable kids,” on their cellphones.

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In my mid-forties, I believe I have seen Pluto for the first time with the naked eye - Astronomy Stack Exchange

Early this morning active out on the balcony, I looked up on a star map app to verify it was jovian planet I was seeing. Then I noticed the alignment of Mars, Saturn, and Pluto on the app. ne'er being healthy to colligate it before, I stared at where Pluto should be and I'm pretty sure I saw it. As guilder correctly stated, it can't soul been Pluto.

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Stark Naked's All Girls: Wonderful Reminder That Being "You" is, Like, Totally Hard | Houston Press

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