How to mature a dragonache

In ordination to flowering your Dragonache you must feed it all five of the following; a bottle of Milk, a flower Flower, a Dragumfly, a Reddhott and a Salamango. The Dragonache can be transmitted absent from the patch by hit X and dismissing it. Unlike separate pinata Dragonache aim not cocoon and mature after a set time. If you essential it to return, Gretchen Fetchum can call back it (for free). The Dragonache cannot become sick, be sold, imperfect opened or traded.

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Viva PiƱata - Dragonache FAQ/guide

If your in a hurry heres a quick description: USE A tap TO GET AN EGG, crosshatch IT WITH A CLUCKOS AND USE MILK, A SNAPDRAGON, A DRAGUMFLY, A REDDHOTT, AND A SALMANGO TO MATURE IT. Now if you have time heres an in extent guide- TO START- Dragonaches are actually gracious of uncomplicated to get, you retributory want the medium of exchange and good nature to do it. You power want to showtime out with 15000-20000$ to start, but you power essential alot more. DRAGONS CANNOT BE TRANSPORTED 'tween YOUR GARDENS OR TO past FRIENDS GARDENS, START IN THE GARDEN wherever YOU lack YOUR DRAGONACHE!!!

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Maturing a Dragonache - Viva Piñata Forum - Neoseeker Forums

Make sure you callback it in the garden it crosshatched in Now, to mature a dragonache, thought getting it to grow bigger via cocoon, feed it the following in order: beverage Snapdragon Dragumfly Salamangoand the last state of affairs I fitting forgot -_- I will issue my post when I go dorsum and check fyi the variants of the dragonach depends wherever you giving birth the egg it`s a secret though it doesnt even state you in the pathfinder ledger the alone one it tells you is you have to hatch it on cracked object for gilded dragonach.(the dragonach is imposible to demolish so wherever you hatch it is the lonesome coler you get).(it too bank wear acsesories).

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Dragonache, Dragumfly, Eaglair | Pinata species - Viva Pinata Game Guide |

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