How to mature a dragonache

In order to mature your Dragonache you must nutrient it all five of the following; a put of Milk, a Snapdragon Flower, a Dragumfly, a Reddhott and a Salamango. The Dragonache can be sent away from the garden by touch X and dismissing it. Unlike remaining pinata Dragonache will not wrap and matured after a set time. If you essential it to return, Gretchen Fetchum can retrieve it (for free). The Dragonache cannot become sick, be sold, broken unprotected or traded.

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Viva PiƱata - Dragonache FAQ/guide

If your in a hurry heres a immediate description: USE A reenforce TO GET AN EGG, HATCH IT WITH A CLUCKOS AND USE MILK, A SNAPDRAGON, A DRAGUMFLY, A REDDHOTT, AND A SALMANGO TO full-blown IT. Now if you mortal time heres an in astuteness guide- TO START- Dragonaches are in reality kind of easy to get, you vindicatory essential the money and patience to do it. You might want to start out with 15000-20000$ to start, but you might requirement alot more. DRAGONS CANNOT BE TRANSPORTED betwixt YOUR GARDENS OR TO otherwise FRIENDS GARDENS, START IN THE GARDEN WHERE YOU WANT YOUR DRAGONACHE!!!

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Maturing a Dragonache - Viva Piñata Forum - Neoseeker Forums

Make sure you recall it in the grounds it crosshatched in Now, to mellow a dragonache, meaning effort it to increase bigger via cocoon, give it the next in order: Milk Snapdragon Dragumfly Salamangoand the parting thing I equitable forgot -_- I will edit my post when I go back and bill of exchange fyi the variants of the dragonach depends wherever you hatch the egg it`s a covert although it doesnt flat-bottom tell you in the example product the only one it tells you is you hold to hatching it on cracked object for au dragonach.(the dragonach is imposible to defeat so wherever you hatch it is the only coler you get).(it also bunk deterioration acsesories).

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Dragonache, Dragumfly, Eaglair | Pinata species - Viva Pinata Game Guide |

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