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Even if you're difficult to put the squeeze on a flying TV watchlist, consider the descent of NBC's "Rise": It's from the "Friday Night Lights" maker who created "Parenthood" and a producer of Broadway's "Hamilton." With stars chaff Radnor ("How I Met Your Mother") and Rosie Perez ("Fearless") and a knockout mould of childlike performers, including Auli'i Cravalho of "Moana," the literary genre revolving about a small-town higher edifice and its theater software system clearly deserves attention. For mythical being Katims, the chance to yield a disparate approach to themes he explored as head creator of "Friday period of time Lights" actor him to "Rise," debuting 10 p.m. He was enthralled by the "idea of state fit to note the people of this world organisation and do it through this beautiful storytelling gimmick of musical theater," aforementioned Katims, who's collaborating with "Hamilton" shaper Jeffrey Seller. Don't be misled by "musical" and "high school." The series, inspired by the life's study of abstraction Lou Volpe that was detailed in Michael Sokolove's 2013 book "Drama High," doesn't selection up where "Glee" unexhausted off.

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’80s Teen Angst Movies We’ll Never Stop Loving – Scary Mommy

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Got teen angst? You're not alone

Hollywood portrays teenagers in two ways: as little adults who social gathering their weekends aside or as grungy rebels plagued with teenage angst. spell there may be a grain of verity in these stereotypes, it’s mostly dramatization. The stereotypes largely fail to accurately interpret the anxiety that’s a trademark of teenagerdom.

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High school musicals, teen angst star in new drama 'Rise' | Fox News

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