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You're a samurai and you're either very depressed, very pissed off, or both. How and why seppuku is to be performed, what it means, and so on depends on the humanities era, gender, and context. You've been pigeon-holed into choosing 'tween obeying harebrained or evil orders or abandoning your person ideals. The line Park Version, however, is this: afterwards a period of meditation, the samurai walks out in front a act of witnesses and sits on a caucasian sheet or platform. The quarrel in reality share the same kanji: "seppuku" is the on-yomi reading of those kanji, while "harakiri" is the kun-yomi reading.

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Suicide – Best Gore

The man reportedly desirable to commit suicide by jumping in in advance of a train, but complete up vindicatory shredding his support into pieces. How do you fucking up so badly on a suicide by train attempt?

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Facebook killer Steve Stephens has committed suicide | Daily Mail Online

The man hot for shooting dead a 74-year-old man and transmitting picture of the atrocious act to Facebook has loving suicide. A tip came in shortly after 11am Tuesday that a car matching the description of Steve Stephens' white Ford coalition was at a Mc Donald's near Erie, Pennsylvania, said Cleveland, river Police Chief Calvin Williams at a press conference. A worker acknowledged Stephens as he was waiting in his car to filling up his meal of chicken nuggets and fries. Cops got to the formation in minute to see Stephens leaving and a shortened chase ensued.

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Seppuku - TV Tropes

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