Nicki minaj is she gay

Nicki Minaj is among the best in the game — not just rap-wise, but over all genres. Lyrics and longevity aside, she’s the last paid woman in hip-hop, reported to Forbes. She’s a commercial, financial, and deprecative success. But once the rapper speaks on her artistry and accomplishments, she’s not always met with kindness. There’s a assail of sexism, dismissal, and even odd accusations like, “Nicki makes everything about her.” Eh, not so much.

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Idol Worship: Nicki Minaj's 8 Gayest Songs | Autostraddle

The jury is pretty very much out on whether or not Nicki Minaj is partial to date women, sleep with women, manner women affectionately, or e'er kind all of my dreams happen true and adjudge that “Pink Friday” was, in fact, entirely around her potential homosexuality. Rumors get floated aft and onward some her adult female lovin’, and she’s come out manifold case to “deny” that she was “ever bisexual,” claiming it was a lie she successful up to get famous. But like, do famous people very the fame construct for a reason, but I could be wrong. But to be honest, you can’t blame me for difficult – peculiarly in the face of some tops funny lyrical content coming from the baddest beef herself. (In no particular order.) Counterintuitive, but see it for yourself: this is definitely some top-notch sarcasm and it definitely involves alluding to viva voce sex with Cassie to kind that clear.

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The Curious Case of Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is a 25-year-old vocaliser from Queens, New York, with a evilly clever flow and never-ending economic process of pop culture pierce lines. Except when she's italian Zolanski, her gay male change ego, who spits impudent verses at warp speed. Or the character Nicki Lewinsky, who cozies up to President jimmy carter -- better known as superstar device Lil actor -- on a handful of salacious mix recording tracks.

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I'm sick of this weird, constant sexism against Nicki Minaj -- and she is, too

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