Movies about swinging couples

“Swinging” – where partners in a committed relationship interest in sexual activity with remaining people - has been represented in motion-picture show in a collection of formats, including comedy, tragedy, drama and thriller. Writers and directors regard ‘swinging’ as either feed to send up, as an short letter for soft porn, or as fertile ground to comment on social science issues and/or state problems. virtually films that dealings with “swinging” depict it in a negative light, and use the subject as a device to encourage heavy writing style or countless complications.

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Polyamorous & Poly-ish Movies list

Here is a list of movies with a poly or open/honest multiple-relationship theme somewhere in there but NOT movies or so cheating (unless the cheating leads to a more honest relationship style). For the brimming set of guidelines for which movies make it to the tilt and which ones don't, visit Polyish Movie and check out the very first natural event for programme Criteria.

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Psychologist Donna Dawson explores swinging on film

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