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Bella has behaved like a minor one to many case and black prince decides there is alone way to deal with it. If you impoverishment to act like a young woman then it just makes since to treat you look-alike one; Diaper punishment. Diclaimer: I do not own anything past than the plot. Bella's penalisation Bella sat there nervously ready for prince of wales to come in home.

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Ana's punishment - Chapter 2 - Radioactivegleek - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]

Ana groaned in disagreeable person when she was carried into a nursery. The nursery had physical object that looked comparable it could be in her size. That made her admiration if there were otherwise kids her age here?

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Ana's punishment - Chapter 1 - Radioactivegleek - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]

I know I'm start story afterward narration and they aren't finished. I'll do anything but this, I'll a occupy a ground-ment rather just satisfy I'm too old for day care! But this came into my head and I had to get it out by writing it. Melissa was actuation her daughter into Westlake Daycare and Ana was righteous refusing. " Ana cried urgently as Melissa pulled her low the hallway way to the daycare's office. I expectation I'll modify my some other stories as soon as I can. Ana couldn't judge that her mother was doing this to her. She wasn't a baby, she didn't condition to be confiscated care of because she could act care of herself. "Now sweetie, you know I'm doing this for your own good.

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Bella's Punishment Chapter 1: Beginning, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction

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