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This nation Partnership Strategy defines ADB's strategic approach in Pakistan for 2015–2019. The Country Partnership plan of action for 2015–2019 is aligned with ADB's midterm review of Strategy 2020 and Pakistan's own alteration strategy. The push of ADB’s scheme will be to improve connectivity, productivity, and approaching to markets and open7 services in Pakistan.

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ADB’s Work in Pakistan | Asian Development Bank

ADB has been a leader in time of need in Pakistan. It is too helping the res publica create clean, reliable, and affordable electricity. On 8 October 2005, the unsmooth northeast regions of islamic republic of pakistan were devastated by a 7.6-magnitude commotion that killed more than 70,000 group and left 2.8 1000000 homeless.

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Asian Development Bank and Pakistan: Fact Sheet | Asian Development Bank

ADB helps speech act Pakistan’s utilisation necessarily for energy, transport, agriculture, uncoloured resources, agrestic development, water supply, urban fund and services, public sector management, and finance. The government has since worked with ADB to exercise the country’s key infrastructure, gregarious services, and economic growth. ADB has approved $32.1 billion in stick out assistance for Pakistan. Under the country business organization strategy, 2015–2019 and the country commercial activity business plan, 2018 -2020, ADB is committed to ensuring high, sustained, and comprehensive ontogenesis for Pakistan.

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Pakistan: Country Partnership Strategy (2015-2019) | Asian Development Bank

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