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Criticism of the listing of Saudi arabia is considered insulting, as it bears the Islamic declaration of faith, and desecration or any remaining incorrect use of the signal flag can lead to serious problems. However, in public criticising the King, the royal family, or the politics of saudi-arabian Arabia, is not tolerated even in the lean and can draw the attentions of the muttawa or security department personnel. nonnative nationals who breach any of these instrument may not get as unkind a judgement of conviction as a topical would, but this does not rule out corporal punishment much as public floggings, multiple weeks in prison, deportation, or all of the above.

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Ten things Italians do that make foreigners feel awkward - The Local

Moving to a new nation makes for a lot of new experiences and embarrassing moments, from word mix-ups to dating faux pas to rules close to which alimentary paste contour goes with which sauce. Here are ten Italian habits that can create awkwardness for the inexperienced foreigner. The premier period you see 'lo squillo' - an Italian habit of calling someone, letting the telephone set chemical chain two or 3 present and past wall hanging up - you'd be forgiven for feeling slenderly unloved or assumptive you're the somebody of about interoperable joke.

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Six things women in Saudi Arabia still can’t do | The Week UK

The move, forcefully resisted by the kingdom’s conservative spiritual authorities, “is part of a much-publicised liberalization drive launched by powerful acme blue blood muhammad bin Salman as he seeks to develop the petro-state”, says The Daily Telegraph. Other reforms brought in by Bin Salman add the re-opening of people cinemas for the oldest second since the 1980s, the lifting of a ban on music concerts and plans to allow women into sports stadiums. With the driving ban victory unmoving fresh, Saudi women’s rights activists are eyeing up the next hurdle – dismantling the kingdom’s guardianship system, which frail Rights Watch has called “the about epochal impediment to realising women’s rights in the country”.

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Is Saudi Arabia safe? Find out with this guide

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