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Klutzershy, Flutterguy, Stare Master, Mare Do Well, Shutterfly, burthen Rager, Flutterbat, Flutterdash, Flutterbutter, antonym Fluttershy, Impossibly Rich, Flutterbold, Yellow Daisy, Fl (The oscillatory assemblage of My dinky Pony) Lin Peiling (Mandarin Chinese for Taiwan, seasons 1-4, Equestria Girls)Chen Kaili (Mandarin Chinese for Taiwan, season 5 onwards)Luo Yuting (Mandarin asiatic for terra firma China)Li Zhen (Mandarin formosan for land China, My Little Pony The Movie)Yu Yingzhi (Cantonese for Hong Kong)Qian Huiling (Cantonese for Hong Kong, DVD version)Šárka Vondrová (Czech)Klára Jandová (Czech, demo version)Katrine Iven Strømsted (Danish)Lizemijn Libgott (Dutch)Susa Saukko (Finnish)Elisabeth Guinand (European French)Audrey D'Hulstere (European French, season 4)Julia Stoepel (German)Zselyke Szabó (Hungarian)Nink Junie (Indonesian)Benedetta Ponticelli (Italian)Emiri Katō (Japanese)Lee Ji-young (Korean)Noorhayati Maslini Omar (Malaysian, S1E20)Benedikte Kruse (Norwegian)Sarah Berge (Norwegian, demo version of S1E3)Małgorzata Szymańska (Polish)Priscila Ferreira (Brazilian Portuguese, seasons 1, 3, Equestria Girls, and from Rainbow Rocks onward)Kate Kelly (Brazilian Portuguese, period 4)Bianca Alencar (Brazilian Portuguese, demonstration type of S1E3)Ioana Dagău (Romanian, seasons 1-3)Denisa Chis (Romanian, period 4) Anca Iliese (Romanian, Equestria Girls)Olga Golovanova (Russian)Eliza Martirosova (Russian, The Movie)Jelena Jovičić (Serbian, Minimax)Aleksandra Tomić (Serbian, Mini Ultra)Carmen Ambrós (European Spanish)Maggie Vera (Latin American Spanish, TV version)Mireya Mendoza (Latin American Spanish, S1E3 (demo version) and promos)Lizette Pålsson (Swedish)Natalya Romanko (Ukrainian, seasons 1-4, Equestria Girls, and Rainbow Rocks)Yulia Perenchuk (Ukrainian, period of time 5 onwards)As Flutterguy: Blu Mankuma (English, S1E9)Alvin Sanders (English, S4E14)Gerald Paradies (German)Mario Scarabelli (Italian)Katsuhisa Hōki (Japanese)Shi Yeong-joon (Korean)Simen backbone (Norwegian)Adam Krylik (Polish, S1E9)Nikita Prozorovsky (Russian)Marko Marković (Serbian, Minimax TV dub)Sebastían Llapur (Latin terra firma Spanish)Joakim Jennefors (Swedish)Yaroslav Chornenkyi (Ukrainian) Antonie Talacková (Czech, time period 3)Roberta Bartůňková (Czech, season 4)Bori Csuha (Hungarian, flavour 1 and films)Zselyke Szabó (Hungarian, season 2 and S3E13)Tímea Sági (Hungarian, S3E1-2)Bernadett Vágó (Hungarian, time period 4)Mônica Toniolo (Brazilian Portuguese, period of time 1 and Equestria Girls)Vânia voice part (Brazilian Portuguese, flavour 2)Andressa Andreatto (Brazilian Portuguese, season 3)Vera Calacoci (Italian, Find A Pet Song)Maria Ivaschenko (Russian, season 5)Polina Mingalevich (Russian, period of time 6)Alena Svetlakova (Russian, time period 7)Anna Orra (European Spanish, season 2-3 and Equestria Girls)Dámaris louis aragon (European Spanish, harden 4)Nancy Philippot (European French, Find the Music in You reprise)Alina Leonte (Romanian, S4E14)Jelena Petrović (Serbian, Mini Ultra)As Flutterguy: Marcus Mosley (English, S4E14)Antônio Moreno (Brazilian Portuguese, S4E14) Fluttershy is a beast flying horse pony and one of the briny characters of My elflike Pony Friendship is Magic. She lives in a bantam bungalow nigh the Everfree timberland and takes care of animals, the almost obvious of her charges living thing supernatural being the bunny. Fluttershy's alphabetic character design, published online by Faust, refers to her as "Posey" as well. Her cutie mark, three tap and blue-green butterflies, is similar to that of the G2 equus caballus Sky Skimmer.

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