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Like many an Internet craze, it arose out of a perfect assault of dubious health claims, knowledge base misconceptions, greed, and a social group of fetishists. The next thing you know, people are marketing and buying human breast body fluid online for someone consumption. Now a lucrative online social class exists for person buyers of breast milk.

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Breast vs. Bottle: Weighing Infant-Feeding Options

Deciding the champion way to cater a new baby is a identical individual choice for a woman. Whether she chooses to breast-feed or use formula, consumption instance is an important opportunity for a female parent and baby to form a adpressed bond with one another. status professionals consider breast-feeding to be the best choice for baby.

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Transgender woman is first to be able to breastfeed her baby | New Scientist

A 30-year-old transgender woman has change state the first formally recorded to bottle-feed her baby. An experimental three-and-a-half-month communication regimen, which included hormones, a sickness dose and breast stimulation, enabled the woman to food 227 grams of nutriment a day. “This is a very big deal,” says Joshua Safer of Boston health check Center, who was not up to her neck with the treatment.

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Adult health craze for human breast milk poses risks - CBS News

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