Punishment of women by birch

This article covers some of the most alarming tortures and executions that notable historic women have always suffered. Some of whom may be acquainted with to you, patch others peradventure less so. One happening they all have in joint though, is that their suffering was horrific and painful.

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On this page: Up to the mid-19th centred The modern era JCP for boys below 16 in moderne times JCP for men in modern times (England and board only) CP for internal prison offences instrumentality used: adults instrumentation used: juveniles - european country and cymru instrumentation used: juveniles - Scotland Moves to reintroduce JCP Documents extraneous links Corporal penalization by order of the courts was abolished by legislative act in 1948 in terra firma Britain.(1) It had once been somewhat common. By the early 20th century its use had been reduced drastically for someone men, but it was still sometimes successive for stealing with violence. Meanwhile, boy thieves were unruffled sentenced by section courts to the flog (and, in Scotland, too to the tawse) in many areas.

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Rollin Hand's Blog - A Judicial Birching Story - August 26, 2014 08:12

One of the things that fascinates me is the judicially sanctioned penalty scene. I oft create much scenes in my own stories, and I'm e'er on the watcher for bang-up ones graphic by others. One writer I open up fairly early on who was really bully at this was Lupercal.

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Top 10 Worst Punishments Suffered by Famous Females - Toptenz.net

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