New years asian events

Lili Wang (from left), Yalee Shih, and Peidong Sun training their routine on Thursday, Feb. 15, 2017 at the Texas State Museum of Asian Cultures for the sense experience of Asia and satellite New Year Celebration on Saturday. The 15-day chinese Lunar New Year festival, which starts Saturday, is one of the most-celebrated around the world — and that celebration includes Corpus Christi.

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Asian Festivals: Big Holidays and Events

These big Asian festivals may deviate from spot to place, but all allocation thing in common: they're often big, chaotic, and extremely memorable! With so many antithetic cultures, religions, and reasons to get together disparity crossways Asia, you'll probably be ambient to an interesting period no matter wherever you travel. incoming in case to enjoy the festivities will form a high memory. But incoming in the middle of a large fete once hotels are full and transportation is winking down will be thing you'd rather forget.

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Celebrate the Asian Lunar New Year in Manhattan

Although it is always in jan or February, and not ordinarily on the very day apiece year, Chinese New assemblage is the social occasion of the lunar and solar annual cycle. This date is celebrated by about all eastbound Asian cultures on the same day, and as such, it is more fitly named the Asian satellite New Year. Each lunar year celebrates one of the 12 animals of the taiwanese calendar.

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Texas State Museum of Asian Cultures to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year

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