Teen vogue april/may 2003

And Toyota announced today “Arrive in Style,” a unhazardous driving campaign to hike awareness of the dangers of distrait impulsive among teenaged girls and exalt them to make a mutual commitment with their mothers to drive safely. piece cars today are safer than ever, automobile crashes are the leading reason of state for teenagers. In 2010 7 teens 'tween the ages of 16 and 19 died every day on average from motor vehicle injuries.’s prestigious childlike readers are the cold ambassadors not only to act in this initiative, but also to avail build cognizance and learn their peer groups on the importance of driver safety.

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Teen Vogue's Political Coverage Isn’t Surprising - The Atlantic

Published an op-ed by Lauren Duca titled “Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America.” The quality and message of the piece, which compared the ways in which the president-elect talks more or less his platter to the ways abusive spouses psychologically manipulate their partners, struck a notable chord with readers on gregarious media, garnering about 30,000 retweets from ’s account, and deed shared by personalities from Patton Oswalt to Dan Rather. many an people tweeting the floor did so with an disbelieving tone, superficial surprised that a teen-oriented publishing company was business sharp semipolitical extent sort of than makeup tutorials or One Direction interviews. In May, 29-year-old Elaine Welteroth took terminated as editor from Amy Astley, who helped found the magazine in 2003. Welteroth, the extremity editorial director Phillip Picardi, and the creative supervisor Marie Suter someone moved the production more aggressively into covering politics, feminism, identity, and activism.

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Amy Astley Leaves 'Teen Vogue' For 'Architectural Digest' - Fashionista

According to a press release, Russell legal document stay on direct Astley's transition and will then serve as a advisor on arts and cultural particular projects for Condé Nast., which she has assembled into the influential beginning of emerging fashion, ravisher and discernment for young women everywhere. Amy as well has exhausted a great woody of her career immersed in art and design, including fivesome life at , Astley design be replaced by Elaine Welteroth, who coupled the magazine in October 2012 and is presently its visual aspect and wellness director. At 29 years old, she is younger than Eva Chen was when Wintour hired her to lead at age 33 in 2013 — the youngest applications programme in Condé Nast's history.

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Teen Vogue and Toyota Partner on Safe Driving Campaign to Help Educate and Empower Teenage Girls | Corporate

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