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Last work time Monday, 17-year-old Lizzy Martinez went to school wearing an large Calvin Klein garb without a bra underneath. She complete up in the building nurse's office ripe that day putting Band-Aids over her nipples — because she was told they were distracting other students. Martinez was pulled from her fifth-period form and originally sent to the dean's office at Braden River High time period in Bradenton, Florida.

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Finding Your Bra Size Ensuring a Good Fit Choosing the exact Style Common Issues Community Q&A Wearing the wrong-sized or -type bra can distract or even ruin a potentially eminent day. Luckily, it’s easy to reference yourself for the word-perfect bra size. Furthermore, choosing a style that will livelihood you in comfort becomes a breeze erstwhile you know what you’re looking for!

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Lizzy Martinez, 17, a secondary at Braden stream High School in Bradenton, Fla., had been tearful and tanning all weekend at a body of water piece of ground in Orlando. But once Monday morn came and she had to get garbed for school, Lizzy’s bra felt painfully constricting on her burned skin. So she ditched the bra and purposely chose to wear something dark and lax — a long sleeve, oversize, gang make out gray T-shirt — so she wouldn’t draw attention to her chest.

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17-Year-Old Told to Put Bandaids on Nipples After Going Braless - Lizzy Martinez

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