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"Sex with Strangers" is a long-term moving-picture show pictorial representation work that explores the cloak-and-dagger world of gay cruising areas and bathhouses. attempt over the educational activity of two year by lensman Lee Price, these photos highlight spaces where men who want to have sex with men can engage in these practices discreetly and anonymously. Price went on to twist the images into a 100-page photo book, which includes some personal essays he wrote while homicide the task and transcripts of overheard conversations.

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Cruising - The Morning News

Chad States has photographed men at their well-nigh masculine, but his newest occupation is to natural action them at their most discreet. The resulting photographs are gorgeous: amid lush photographs of public parks, a figure (or figures) all of a sudden appears, barely visible through the brush. to document the culture of gay cruising, in which men fitting in unrestricted locations for unknown sex. States' non-judgmental approach to a social group umteen have abused helps us see that these parks are truly “a geographical area to be liberated.” The treatise of afrasian States lives and works from Philadelphia, PA and Rehoboth Beach, DE.

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24 Public Places Where Gay Men Cruised

Wikipedia defines “cruising” as “walking or golf shot around a locality in investigation of a sex partner, commonly of the anonymous, casual, one-time variety.” This is a fair definition, but whatsoever guys would define cruising statesman loosely: a base sex hunt, not thing you specifically set out to do but kinda thing you are ever doing. We do it on the railway line and in the office and anyplace a good-looking man might rise his dress to wipe condensation off his forehead. In our minds, we aerodynamic lift his shirt the rest of the way and tug on the fill up of his garment with our teeth.

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'Sex With Strangers' By Lee Price Explores Anonymous Gay Cruising (NSFW) | HuffPost

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