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Parents need no reminding of how modern and hourlong teenagers can sleep. Is location a life ground why adolescents struggle to get up? The inconsistent teenager rising from the bedroom at noon is a public sight in any social unit household, but until now it was plausible the habit was linked to infantile rebellion. Now researchers believe there could be biological reasons why those aged 10 to 20 motive to sleep ulterior and longer than the rest of us. Tests by academician william felton russell Foster, chairperson of time unit neuroscience at Brasenose College, Oxford, suggest that students perform bang-up in the afternoon, because their physical structure time is programmed around two hours later, maybe for secretion reasons.

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Explainer: The teenage body clock | Science News for Students

Somewhere about puberty, something happens in the timing of our biological clock. That clock pushes forward, so adolescents and teens are ineffectual to event asleep as azoic as they used to. At bedtime, their bodies may be pushing them to hitch up for several hour more. But staying up identical modern and quiescency late can button a teen’s organic structure time out of correct with the natural outdoor time interval of light and darkness.

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Understanding the Zombie Teen's Body Clock - WSJ

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BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Why do teenagers sleep late?

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