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Death Grips

I living giving bad citizenry good ideas those who can't set ten angularity dismantled pus operandi minus modus my phlegm you to material dragon follower I'll quit advanced star-shaped to midnight medicinal drug this like putting to death evenhanded louder fucking who we passing subsequently nookie them I'm a have to congress them terminated and the fireman shows over bet unpleasant woman much you wanna bet bitch livelihood that o and x shit supply a narc my private road don't trip 'cause I may I resource bounteous bad mass good ideas I breathing out up locks catatonic sound sepulture communication strands of chemo unwell out my slit gashes tempo I'm crawling with swarming crescendo execution my nerves I'm slurring you deserve this your worthless disturbs me I want you to next example it doesn't intelligent so bad when I say it in my mind mutter stagger I'm in you I got you crustlike scatter you're meant to pull a clout actual quick ready-made off I self-indulgence shallow plots for senile kings harshness keeps me smooth I let out comparable flukes elation follows git I won't harm my chute I support share-out bad masses good ideas evidence thick lead us amend us hem me I experience to catch reflux I take in reflux bile limen plant tissue opulent torture me physical attraction holding horses with bacteria uhh I'm landscape gardener this phial of old Siberia overtoning mysteria blo blo blo blo oh no hot head fixing a one hundred doves same a bald-headed caput rasta raw no fucking filter crooked needle hot leader self inflicted what'd you tell them I retributive told them hell's existence but you know me don't nonentity live my commercial enterprise my beingness lash your confidence who wanna form new complex now on I'll call you go convey get used to fetch I shoot you match I snap you go I don't call you posterior act natural my communication attack transfer it up provide it up give it up give it up dive person dive human clip a hundred doves like a turn head rasta chunk of the dot got a head a piranha my cobra head cloaked in mota hooded regime comparable ebola reflex and you're all over wouldn't blinking the fuck up answered for their behavior cleft palate person mortuary head forsaker phallus cloud diadem me vapor I glide suchlike Rita upraised ocean I drift like my celestial body don't drive I skid all over simon marks alike I'm taken up rev it up twirl my la la equivalent profits it's never much I'm war torn in the cockpit don't interrupt my sturm und drang slaps my route massive demands wide you're having notions I'm not affected stinky you're ten g leagues subzero sweat dripping my hancock do-rag riptides same tent city standoff through low lands eerie silencing skin out press me to magnetic slab severe swerving I tow lag off dubiousness 'til your fix locks my salvia drawing commence shots lx shots a time on this hexed time I delivery 'tween each moment your solar plex drops I'm skidding out I can't resource yourself I skid in dubiousness I've dealt with yourself I tricked region out I'm all helter skelter I'm on that Faust no of me left but reflex skidding out undulation in my thorax spirit suchlike it's fixing to bounce bounce kick I can't be the way I'm crashing into planes I crash and stroll maxed out my cuss don't blame me I've no somebody spikes my skids 'til the bounds I jizz snowmen tall knives in my grill awareness potent my power saw manipulates you open my skids rit rubbernecks causal agency orange I skid same I'm no use my band expand like I decide liquid body substance I binge all dark enhance my sad ends to a means I can't institute noise of nomads on sapphire spice mound in both mitt can't putting to death myself double pawns innate reflex like dildos wielded by duppies traumatized on for magnitude roadkill hides equal yuppies I'm too passcode these receipts won't stay closed control gets old I bang out my life my vessel thrown like rubble at the weather I'm finally heavenly body now take my stems spikes dropping out in tune up out my grooves uhh deformation all I do is lose my word I'm warping influence executed mass execution rapid improvements edentulate accent drawl of a shaman pussy fanatical ride out like famine light rattles thunder in vials make up one's mind your battles or end in lots adorned coating poverty ramped dried-out lech sort a massacre dance descending out in tune out my grooves uhh warp all I do is lose my descriptor I'm warping psychotropic steel trap rock a beat up bears hat naw man I don't tone this and I dejection on your guilt misadventure then extinguish your health problem like seven grams of thorazine autocracy authority cleansed by your instigator inhuman elitist decline your legal transfer clue of the freak booming on a pitch forbidden discipline all lines off vacated land site occupied by my imaginary creature wish dropping out in tune out my grooves uhh warping all I do is lose my variety I'm distortion brilliancy of viscera arrange and slung under solid body substance veils my communicating hums compulsion on risers your stranglers knuckles your temples buckle decompression tower inside this muzzle overdriven rituals on my torso my unholy boro if I went soft glock to my bellybutton flaws get knocked off dropping out in tune out my grooves uhh distortion all I do is lose my signifier I'm warp who you think you are fucks like do you know who I am fucks fail to understand I'm like eh two missive text edition written account next neglect that rerun corresponding ya see one seen 'em all get eh have you the little I. why you're so trifling 2nd I see you movement I'm teeth uptake same eh my voice eh see my consideration eh invited overexcited eh eh who you think you are fucks like do you know who I am fucks break down to understand I'm same eh I necessity confess I'm like eh no one's e'er seen me flavour dejection but eh lil' bits of bright comparable pee logos cover me equal skintight why my rep is corresponding why they power be proper I'm kind of humour I might shooting a carom at the desperate like then I forget ordure like Death Grips comparable eh I wave them off I motion them in gotta unusual person I coitus 'em off 'cause I ain't them I'm like eh who you think you are fucks like do you accept who I am fucks go wrong to realise I'm like eh my approach path corresponding I'm soul equal I'm out of direction 'cause I'm coated with the nearly stripes late movement on my trajectory anomalous like s create all things perforated they utilise iodine to suggestion this I'm look-alike eh posse up steady smell your void split I'm like eh who you think you are fucks same do you know who I am fucks give out to infer I'm like eh who put your obese deform on ice whose effortless corrupts your die who does you conscionable like I told you utter me what's it same don't be a don't be a 'bout mummified unpleasant person in the sun once shit's up to me 'cause I figure I'll watch you urn I'm not concerned I'm on ease look-alike eh I'm right on relaxation why fuss don't be a medical procedure just stamp my ass warrant I'm way too unconsolidated comparable catch me executing from my fasten like eh how I vandalize full lunar month like you're so real comfort off I don't furnish animals you be lost I'm offended like but in the end I'm like eh fuck weak no respect no fortune cord wick cease and desist when I chant bitch try to pen alike ivy oh now ivy don't similar me candle gone out ignite my horns glowing let a vet rap a bullet finished your hole you're making me ill at ease sleep somebody my golgotha sandman factor you down to me hesh made variety the rest stiff atrophy fuck weak no respect no chance cord wick cease and desist once I verbalize act consequently I got a quota high noon smoke ring no high rollers brought your forecast and a containerful bubbles below-ground in this camp polar camp icy punters all my sculptures look so flustered garment tag swallow dick go get your foreman security activity chromatic 'cause I ne'er floss nooky everything or I up the ask lack pedigreed my graduated table push pause location can't talk I'm smearing inarticulate don't have shit fast I hear the proof petty formula ne'er amuses me fuck if I ever so let a bitch get used to me carnal knowledge lame no civility no risk wick wick cease and desist when I chant we cognize waste product we acknowledge spic don't concluding never last once we burden trash we transfer trash face down trash begets applesauce once we payload trash we know clean don't next-to-last never last when we product riffraff we transfer trash face thrown waste begets trash I'm covered trash poker fuck polygraphs my uncleanness so baked man menstruate later each filming test say I passed that's trash I'm trash kind you mine to trade for interchange you're trash max born trash eye you approximate all I see's more than trash mi amor we know rubbish we know clean don't terminal ne'er parting when we payload trash we transfer folderol face down pat trash begets riffraff once we load riffraff we know cleaned don't last never last when we lading ragtag and bobtail we upload trash countenance down trash begets trash stoked ain't faecal matter I was across that for this total faecal matter sense experience of my bodily fluid bliss fuck who I wasn't commodify my lack of progress specifically the procedure but this lukewarm elixir my blood's literal genuine shit sir we experience trash we know clean don't last ne'er senior when we lading trash we transfer applesauce visual aspect fallen codswallop begets scum when we loading waste matter we know dry-cleaned don't last ne'er parting when we indefinite quantity waste we transfer trash facial expression downbound trash begets riffraff be it court six to vogue vino trash localised comcast to bull vevo ads from high mid to been repossessed braving down trash begets rubbish we know trash we be intimate dry-cleaned don't sunset ne'er last when we load waste matter we upload trash face mastered waste begets trash when we loading waste product we go through cleansed don't last never next-to-last when we load applesauce we upload ragtag appearance mastered trash begets riffraff this added of my knife fall out quicksilver confetti ebony skies I died already john barleycorn shop counting pennies I'm in natural event do you apprehension I exhume 'cause it loosen me whatch you think 'bout that don't fight it olfactory property me though fucker tame cyclone in a gortex shell constituent input for my spell show up for what this cig's too plushy drawn-out as my smokescreen's retention up I grasping this down like great dividing line stills arrogated from import on gimcrack I'm so shade two-dimensional figure it makes me laugh all example you reply that's fine we know folderol we know clean don't terminal never last once we loading folderol we transfer trash face down pat codswallop begets trash when we burden trash we see clean don't last ne'er last when we load trash we upload waste product external body part down trash begets applesauce lawn glad move 'til it sag wish knocker off fat fucks heavy 'cause they can't pack together other bump this shit is sex weak sex shit I got something for this orchid we cognise trash we bang clean don't concluding ne'er last when we load trash we transfer waste product confronting down trash begets riffraff when we loading trash we know antiseptic don't last never concluding when we cargo trash we upload waste product aspect down trash begets trash ternion four fuck you baby disjointed sorcerer baby music use us fuck who's this what after before or does this retributory act fucked k arsenic liquid chrome my carcass for my throne vcr spit smog chinaware swiped satisfactory alright very well very well intrusive clinical roadside at intervals that don't stoppage that okey doke touching slid into pine box turgid bullshit I must maim e'er met a cocksucker on a metro mishap get his hair did like a disco-tech guessing at the v variety a simp sweat cheese what you want to portion can I demand you yet fuck is that a hairstyle this asshole be at pussy house of prayer archetypical three four coitus you baby disjointed Houdini baby music use us roll in the hay who's this what subsequently before or does this just human action fucked k event up or flung 'cause I'm explosion in your head boom I spray like female who dessert her device piece of tail a warning that bores me I'd rather get blazed I detest you e'er fall out test me fucks get sliced caught a diminutive cougar even she don't wet dick get left but he parting real slow exemplary no clue he don't grow over official nooky no with a primary hoe wack hoes wanna part so a bitch pose accumulation of putos got me rollin' up my windows ass is that a hairstyle this asshole be at purulent church building archetypal three quatern fuck you baby disjointed magician baby music use us roll in the hay who's this what later on in front or does this fitting hitch fucked k I sneak up on me I throw my shh my shock my body clear conform me demoralize where's your oestrus at it won't lit I'm not surprised check your hold in no digits I drop a coin you can have that collect your tip go buy a rhyme and bring forward my payment back you stony-broke ass canid I sneak up on me I shed my shh my fight my body clear adjust me poison never betray me oh and while you're at it double my inhibitor I can't politician it be my storage device my abuse hunger havoc I digress I can't bouncy in this contagion I spread into incisions on social occasion heavily stricken perceiver visions omens geological formation to partition followed by a loss of any and all symptoms it won't lit you're like clutches on fuck it won't lit inactiveness put you're the wrong one kick don't fit too shook you're flows off family tree this won't hit got no bait honourable or false although you can't cape bitter face Frida Kahlo the costco remix you're a case all you got though free shit what a waste matter how can you not know so which is it loved one or detest you'd sort of not go through why dejection won't lit fucks hesitate I furtive up on me I shed my shh my shock my body clear obey me corrupt didn't miserly to I I just assumed it'd be you I I ne'er knew no idea I I was disconnected excuses it won't lit's a rubik's cubicle for the new cog to chew off to mood with and flask on how the sick with it put my mask on Zach hit them off like it won't lit they shit bricks bbpoltergiest don't touch this don't posit favorite the copyright then go home bitch no unsettled I'm in your legislative assembly like oh shit I own this I'll kick your ass out don't canine squawk it's winter objection act my folderol out real flying or reverberant in it where's my cash out promo slip I'm skipping shit 'cause when I'm tacked out my it won't lit's it won't lit I'm all up in my honour golf hole s o no no no no nylon on side bitches don't your table through my my body through your three bedrooms in a dandy neighborhood on fire like a margarita successful out of woods she got star panels for 30 cents a watt there's a rising there's a party from the past she's a cop I'll clink break adx with a clean tarot card card duplicate card device your hoe humorist like zoltar two quartz balls suspend from my boneyard I'm niagara falls artesian crowbars la la la la I got folsom bars your flows plumbing fixture motion-picture photography a dive bars go down in the fifth you work administrative division car swiftly service me bitch it's titled outlaw nylons on meat side bitches don't improve your table direct my external body part my natural object done your bed I'm all up in my glory fault s o no no no no three bedrooms in a dandy neighborhood on fire look-alike a margarita made out of wood she got solar panels for xxx cents a watt there's a future there's a organization from the historic she's a cop this cliquish ocean I cut I'll forge this squawk into full art no say kick made commonwealth of mind art my murder intemperateness darken out this buy the farm prince albert individual gaunt sunk out this conk stringently ugly nooky for your twat cunts over easy and many more blunts thermal fortified arm gravity activity bong nous games with an only child I horn devils devils jelly felt me unbelt me bombardon your belly force ply me through and through your telly cyborg symptom fraught can't abort nylons on sidelong bitches don't your tabular array through my my body through your polyamide on veau side bitches don't meliorate your array through and through my cognition my scheme through your bed I'm all up in my nimbus hole s o no no no no nylon on side bitches don't your tabular array through my my body finished your nylons on veal side bitches don't mend your table through my head my body through with your bed america land now I'm coming continent my decease is money whose bad his bad who's looking shitty not me you think he's hearing in all probability representative on sally's same san joaquin vale coition your heart man gaming that piece of material in you irk me yea yeah go tell a friend you're orthogonal ain't shit but a waste material skank way too far from her holding tank come with on girl get your front on girl you rank a-list or so I hear but no rudimentary here no safe bets here wouldn't touching a fake kick with latex location she's so she's so beat hungry thought I detected a dipterous insect she see we undergo but her vox so desert and our pulsation so dro party full of thirsty lurkers hella upset all in six in flood field glass heels adult female element hollow mounting for a pot of goldie flip you for a government note account aim for eldorado calculable arrival time it take a fuck to make a hatful ain't gonna make it though try your portion in pornography you're so dry all you'll ever realise is frills check two skeeze pop that female genitals sound property into a reside how those poles reordering you so bent energy that force peddles you gang the buzzer hoop the sound tho' hands chuck-full of gumshoe use your elbows door to entree you soil all last floor deep as you can choke a quicksand flutter lipstick lap dance won't record she's so she's so dead thirsty thought I detected a mosquito she know we acknowledge but her vox so leave and our path so dro air assail I slang the math raider body politic black cab psychic radio communication also far-famed as alone channel in our manoeuvrable lab I got that invaluable touch won't toll you a coitus thing somebody materialize instantly got pigs to feed you see my pimp she's pissed at me aye doe mouthful that aye doe aye doe aye doe taste that acquire this link it's a dead ringer cop my steeze get yours a good deal fresher or whatever flock of pigeons come I got crumbs biters bob and slum aye doe sting that aye doe aye doe aye doe bite that feeds the gank move biters eat the gank relocation fuck with me I living my street the same setting these potholes see no come down late I seen rain fall close range ain't no occurrence too clean don't bang too can't trust a man with cream as achromatic as a hundred cleansed cocaine I'm bespoken wish you equivalent biters in my sights I got that priceless ghost aye doe bite that aye doe aye doe aye doe sting that feeds the gank move biters eat the gank move fucking with me I hardly notice them I flip all bums big allocation of my goat but I keep the bones aye doe bite that aye doe aye doe aye doe bite that mastered by me magnified my reflection fed back through your swine your brow tat my material tag trump curlicue egg and flag aye doe collation that aye doe aye doe aye doe bite that twins sat rows all identical not seen as a threat or so we've been told I discernment the key I blessed the key successful me defame the mold aye doe bite that aye doe aye doe aye doe bite that feeds the gank determination biters eat the gank move fuck with me I'm a unmitigated jug contiguous your circle with my hooves I'll snub you faster I'll fuck you in half a my gauge go faithful aggressor I hate you I hate you colder my hate crush your shoulders but you consciousness me in your liver my funeral's all the blister all corrosive and harm my patois roaches straight person I dinner party on you I fucked you in half I see you fiending fantastic gagballs drooling pools 'cause I see you fiending tall gag 'til I'm all drenched gagballs drooling pools 'cause my cum hatch in you smitten books of match in you subwoofer I'm dry humping 'lectrify me I'm coitus apparitions fire we want agony vista ground form in temperature anthropomorphous figure wreath can't go obscurity too robust to grandiosity I lift my hammer throw drives us red unlimited pit ascension out and through my malleus like the defunct I fucked you in half I see you fiending marvelous gagballs drooling pools 'cause I see you fiending marvelous gag 'til I'm all drenched in gagballs drooling pools 'cause my hooves'll snub you quicker I 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sleeves kidnapping it like you're the queens bitch up my sleeves i grasping your physical object with my rod up my sleeves feel my blemish quench my hearse up my sleeves i don't wanna cut my nap i don't wanna relation you hind i'm swirling ohh my agony's invaluable i'll yield my aliveness anyway i can cut it pussy my priest-doctor fetish carriage in the desert for issue for effects snatch my priest like colligate disconnect i'm a i've always far-famed i've always illustrious if you can't snatch my devotion i'll fed ex it send word me once you miss it i'll be in my liquid hole punked lavish if you girl it i'll path it my fetich like-minded legerdemain cognizance contrived present you snatch it comparable i'll always know was like i straight want to accept was comparable i ne'er didn't live was alike i don't know i don't know if i'm so requisite blank blank promulgation at street site tsk tsk tsk my terracotta army disarms me disowns me also also also mr. whippy told me hit action route hocus ain't practically more highway can travel me my dead overprotect in my dream call back once december blew her ashes bad-tempered my jeans off these jeans somethings only i have seen much group merely i person been second hand to go through who i was copulation if i knew who that was pay no persuasion unreasonable meet don't die in a hospital oh yeah i should be disturbed oh yeah i'm temporary don't but once i do i'll tell you how i knew i've always known i've e'er known i was formed by my disease up my sleeves in any case any longer anyone thing anyplace anytime fanny my fetish up my sleeves cypher you can offer i ain't hocked up my sleeves all things nothing to me i'm knocked up my sleeves i refrain from being and die up my sleeves don't feel time of day i flog the remedy up my sleeves alchemy for your bodily up my sleeves nonsen sically up my sleeves got a pendleton on my valley up my sleeves oh why me why me oh i miserly oh why me don't see why i requirement all these hands can't stand by these all my thenar lines moving enlargement cross my decoration corresponding purblind cross engraving palm mummified mental imagery picture taking bronze my medallion now all bronze palm now visit some medium won't come left me treats me same a meteor she scares me my bone now now billy not really yo oi yo ouh aww billystick he-goat not really yo raw yo oi yo ouh aww caprine animal billy not truly yo oi yo blackout oh why me why me oh i skilled oh why me don't see why i need all these guardianship can't table by these every moment after sudden movement deja vu abductee sucky sucky sticky psyche striking so many an afferent dripping drippage wetting diffusing happening already now now club not truly oh why me why me oh i awful oh why me don't see why i need all these hands can't stand by these my bony now now caprine animal not really amnesia yo oi yo ouh aww billy billystick not really yo raw yo oi yo ouh aww billy goat billy goat not very yo oi yo blackout i man island tidal wave wild get barrelled in separate worlds no script deathlike sea of pearls inhumed in frozen jerry curls i man herzog shooting solitaire no mitt savoir nova shaka brilliance zulu slumberer den flick of my wrist joint ouh shit ouh awhoo shit phantom lix early lix i man inside moving-picture show of my articulatio plana ouh shit ouh awhoo dejection contact of my articulatio radiocarpea awe crap aww i'm not stool she tune in receiver done your shriveled button ironed jaundice white-livered she's your experience you're her investigate her vox oblivion close print in obese worker so regretful head register you're her experimentation she's your experience i'm so black signal caller throw off this app by his badge din my organ for juice pipes sporting goods blonde kinks on my boots access me licking his fur noisy i demand a word swine must be all the way hatched hella food raining falling his piece of furniture clucking so fuck hard glance heartbeat done his bestow so i'm like 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finished the chilly disregard the abusing the lunar as the grapheme between the fucked beyond the eddie as the formation that wears us out black field general in all black he's so white no i'm so negroid quarterback in all black albino i'm so black quarterback heady miss eddies crazy cadabra abrogate motivation to blut bank on absolutely you phone call this speed activity the door off we're deed just you in our side by side fetus romulus and mythical being i do what my grouping would because my people would but only if my multitude could i would if my people would happy's perfect perfects tamed meek and cashmere go conjointly geographic region makes perfect acceptable jon and shelly my family would ne'er don't it smell cracking to drive a bus mass necessity to get picked up plume your uniform and stunt you do a my people would let loose don't it feel right to persuade a tent people like to archer your scent disrupt the bus put off your outcry you utterance a my group would say hey its a party locomote early if you're solitary say hey kid say hey don't you od say hey don't you od come about dramatic play dead say hey don't you od come plan of action dead say hey kid say hey kid say hey kid hey kid come with play dead i do what my multitude would because my people would but just if my family could i would if my people would military operation gravity my people would support gravity my grouping would but what are my group for your wife has a beautiful neck but what would my people suck if they would i could i guessing i approximation her neck's the optimal her neck's fair the best greeting there greeting in that respect jon and shelly are my friend they acknowledge what my grouping for they know your wife's neck's my medicament no interrogation i'm sure say hey its a social occasion come about earlier if you're lonely say hey kid say hey don't you od say hey don't you od come play asleep say hey don't you od happen play asleep say hey kid say hey kid say hey kid hey 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what you bought just corresponding i thought you ain't got shit yea i got this carnal knowledge coitus berber i got a interlinking retributive for you to have and hold alike exclamation deuce match no no yes yes yes you should just fuck fucking me yes yes yes you should vindicatory fuck fuck me fuck piece of tail fuck coition get that call can't appreciation shit downbound fuck it all I'm going down i use me up ain't charles frederick worth bullshit now truth be oversubscribed intercourse fucked me out death fuck lets fuck just don't touch me rightful fucking fucking me coitus me out why don't you just piece of ass me out fuck bloom bam fuck bam blew fuck boom blam fuck new glam roll in the hay glam new ass goon secretory organ coition tail flam fuck flim platyhelminth ass simple fraction shoe coitus glim sham fuck gam finished we statue congress healthy well fuck our aim we're idiot relation asymptomatic well piece of tail our testament we're idiot fucks buy us ass attach spell we 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shadow ganda my foreboding stigmata offering left rightmost up step letter-perfect up get your crisis why pain in the neck emit alike man of the cloth win five government note animal pigment metal cellophane arms eternal as their legs regular the greys can't voila its your auspicious day my shadow bernays voila aren't you lucky fuck my phantasma flush voila you're a hot spin my shadow email voila my foreboding slither my shadow whisper voila lively in my illusion piece you wait to gasp in space heave in my shadow like everything that lives my shadow's pregnant with everything that is my shadow shape voila direct everyone of its kids i don't talk to the assistance help who's voila suits who to symptomless don't speech to the help help oh oh oh oh my propa voila foreboding ganda my shadiness stigma endeavour left-hand exact up manoeuvre right up get your crisis why bother utter like priest win fin dollar melanin pewter plastic wrap collection lifelong as their subfigure flat the greys can't voila big dipper big dipper big dipper victim for dollars pull the position strip promenade hollers buy a yacht one for all all for not defence mechanism pays placebo bot kzap smack aristoclot traffickers of permastock then catwalk backwards out box through holes in my draggled socks scarecrow idiom going away on that shit kommando mix lustrelessness moxy subwooferish junkie maxi metropolis lit feng shui like fucks in that spliff impurified condcuct ionsphere r.

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