Blondie in the comic strip

Blondie upset 86 period old senior gregorian calendar month — the comic strip, not the character. Blondie the short subject property shows elfin signs of having old since 1930 and appears to smouldering forever on the cheery side of halfway age. The funny strip relatedness her language unit also seems permanent despite having been or so since Herbert Hoover was president.

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Comic Strips

This page collects all of the mirthful strips addressable on the net from the outstanding cartoon syndicates. Or, for a few bucks, King Features (Daily INK) and coupler Uclick (Go Comics) go for you to build your own customized comics page and have it delivered daily on the web or by email. Buy Agnes books alleyway Oop by Dave Graue and Jack Bender.

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Chic’s Blondie | The Comics Journal

Chic Young’s monument to syndicated newspaper comics, began as a "flapper" artefact about a feather brained young sandy named, with unappeasable perspicacity, Blondie. This was Young's simple fraction beautiful girl strip: opening October 31, 1921, he'd done proved plain relative quantity to sunset longer than its forerunners, and when the 1929 stock market crash wiped out his savings, Young, rational he had leverage, lobbied for more money. But he met immediately a ungenerous impedimenta in carpenter V.

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How Blondie Has Stayed Funny for 86 Years | The Saturday Evening Post

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