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Traditional factors that sometime explained men’s sexual difficulties happen insufficient to account for the sharp emergence in expansive dysfunction, suspended ejaculation, attenuate intersexual satisfaction, and atrophied libido during partnered sex in men under 40. This review (1) considers data from doubled domains, e.g., clinical, biological (addiction/urology), mental (sexual conditioning), sociological; and (2) presents a series of nonsubjective reports, all with the aim of proposing a possible direction for future day research of this phenomenon. Alterations to the brain's psychological feature organization are explored as a possible etiology underlying pornography-related sexual dysfunctions.

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“Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men.” – đź’•The Brotherhood of Pleasuređź’•

Ward illustrates that sex between straight white men allows them to leveraging white and masculinity to demonstrate their heterosexuality in the context of sex with men. These sex acts are not slippages into a queer way of being or expressions of a desired but unjointed gay identity. Instead, Ward argues, they expose the runniness and complexness that characterizes all human unisexual desire.

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Behavioral Sciences | Free Full-Text | Is Internet Pornography Causing Sexual Dysfunctions? A Review with Clinical Reports | HTML

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