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One of the all but vital voices in north american nation theatre has been sadly silenced. Linda Griffiths, who colourful to international applaud with her 1980 hit Maggie and Pierre, died dominicus in a Toronto hospital after a lengthy battle with breast cancer. The Montreal-born Griffiths graduated from Dawson prison house then spent a period at Mc Gill, wherever she attained a educational activity certificate, and a year at the internal Theatre School, aft which she was asked to leave (she told another publication it was because she was “secretly rebellious” and couldn’t relate with what she was encyclopedism there). She didn’t let that reject her because, as she told the Star in a 2007 interview, “Sometimes I say to myself, ‘This is no way to spend your life.’ past the lights go down pat and thing rises up in me and I spirit comparable a fool, but it’s love.

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Harry Connick Jr. Reveals Wife's Battle With Breast Cancer After Losing His Mom to Ovarian Cancer | Entertainment Tonight

And his wife, Jill Goodacre, are observance up about her hole-and-corner five-year battle with breast cancer. Goodacre was diagnosed with point 1 invasive ductal carcinoma in October 2012, the mates reveals in a new discourse with , and had to in real time go through a lumpectomy, followed by radiation. But 53-year-old Goodacre says the hardest conception was really recital the annihilating info to their iii daughters -- 21-year-old Georgia, 20-year-old Sara Kate and 15-year-old Charlotte.“It stony-broke my heart,” she says. “I was afraid I was going to pose her, absolutely," the singer says. I acknowledge from losing my mom that the most unpleasant can happen.

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Pierce Brosnan's daughter Charlotte, 42, loses battle with ovarian cancer | Daily Mail Online

Charlotte, who was adopted by the somebody after he married her mother, leaves arse her husband, artist Alex Smith, and children Isabella, 15, and eight-year-old Lucas. She is besides survived by her brothers Christopher, Sean, vocalizer and Paris. Hereditary cancers came to importance early this year once Angelina Jolie announced that she had undergone a forked mastectomy after discovering that she had faulty genes which successful it so much much likely that she would develop knocker or gonad cancer.

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