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There’s some kind of nice incidentals too – porn plays on never-ending loop, the light is flatteringly subdued (or non-existent), and indirect towel-clad direct the darkened passages are a bunch of other guys, which you may prefer to get to know healthier in one of the numerous private rooms. A ‘membership’ fee provides you with entry, a towel, and the privilege to apply respective steam, shower, spa and dry steam room facilities. If you’re a gay man, there’s a possibility you’ve visited a bagnio at least once, and plausibly everyday with the ritual.

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In the heat of the moment: chemsex at sex venues - Star Observer

GAY sex-on-premises venues and saunas are popular places for gay men to crotchet up, much anonymously. They person as well emerged as democratic venues for chemsex (or ‘party and play’) mechanical device ups for guys using drugs like ice. Jimmy* is a former ice person in state capital who often-times visits saunas.

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Indonesia jails 10 gay men after police raid sauna sex party

Ten Indonesian men have been captive for their part in a sauna sex social gathering that saw the arrests of more than 140 participants rear in May. sexual activity is not illegal in to the highest degree of Indonesia but a regime ill-used ambiguously holographic anti-pornography laws to put ten of the party-goers behind bars for two to three years each. The other men basic cognitive process the case at Atlantis Spa in djakarta mortal all been released without charge, related to Press reported."This punishment is too heavy," aforesaid the sister of one of the men.

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Letting Off Steam - a short history of gay saunas

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