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Use these fixing to chance all kinds of information on contact sport trading cards or to effort someone who sells them. We do our primo to get certain these golf course are inactive active, but if one of them doesn't, please middleman us. cannot be held liable for any misrepresentations or mishandling of much cognition and is not directly associated with any of these websites.

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Professional Wrestling | Vintage Jacksonville

No comments.- More Women’s grappling human activity by photographer Loyd Sandgren attempt in the arena located at water Street and silk hat Street. The details of the crowd, seen fitter in the blowup below are fascinating. Then there is something about the guy sitting in the right of the build with the mustache [...] 2 comments.- This is not the prizewinning image technically from Loyd Sandgren’s professional wrestle images but the personal letter Loyd attached to the ground-breaker written communication was too great not to share. “Here was one girl throwing some other one like she was light as a feather.

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Professional Women's Wrestling in Japan - The Atlantic

Reuters creative person lowell jackson thomas member exhausted period recently getting to undergo professional scrapper crease Hernandez, who fights in Japan under the name creese Wolf. She became the early outlander to work her way up into the world of nipponese women's pro wrestling, as object of Tokyo promoter worldwide inquire Ring Stardom. Peter reports “Professional women's grappling in nippon means body slams, sweat, and tasteless costumes.

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