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Whether you're having a wank yourself, or wanking somebody else, there's more to it than righteous grabbing apprehension of a cock and pulling. There are no records of anyone catching HIV from wanking, so experimenting with a few of the techniques downstairs is beautiful much risk-free. right don't make it and actuation too hard or for too long, or you could end up vexing your cock and deed a proceeding of NSU.

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GMFA | How risky is wanking?

Having a wank by yourself is about as chance discharged as sex can get. in that location are no records of anyone discovery HIV from wanking so you can tug gone without fear. STIs can be transmitted if you rub cause else's cum on the psyche of your cock, tho' wanking is quiet one of the slightest venturesome things you can do. The main risk from wanking is if you or your partner gets a little over-eager and pulls too challenging (or too often), which can harm your urethra and lead to NSU.

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SFCC :: Ask Dr. K : Men's Sexual Health - Cum as lube

I was jerking off with other guy and he came on my groin and stopcock when I was about to cum. I could feel his cum on my hand as I was wanking myself and cumming. It was all too fast and in the passion of the point in time I didnt wipe out his cum off ahead cumming myself.

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GMFA | Wanking techniques

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