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Whether you're having a jerking off yourself, or wanking someone else, there's more to it than evenhanded grabbing appreciation of a prick and pulling. There are no records of anyone catching HIV from wanking, so experimenting with a few of the techniques under is jolly large indefinite amount risk-free. Just don't overdo it and pull too challenging or for too long, or you could end up vexatious your cock and getting a natural event of NSU.

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GMFA | How risky is wanking?

Having a onanism by yourself is about as probability free as sex can get. thither are no records of anyone catching HIV from wanking so you can tug off without fear. STIs can be transmitted if you rub someone else's cum on the head of your cock, although wanking is still one of the lowest risky things you can do. The main risk from wanking is if you or your significant other gets a flyspeck over-eager and pulls too hard (or too often), which can damage your urethra and lead to NSU.

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SFCC :: Ask Dr. K : Men's Sexual Health - Cum as lube

I was jerking off with other guy and he came on my groin and member when I was around to cum. I could feel his cum on my personnel as I was wanking myself and cumming. It was all too expedited and in the high temperature of the moment I didnt wipe his cum off before cumming myself.

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GMFA | Wanking techniques

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