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—traps and pitfalls in the “Neo-Advaita” or “Pseudo-Advaita” form of Advaita (Nondual) spirituality—what might too be called “Problematic Advaita” —discussions of native american salvia Papaji (HWL Poonja), and different figures such as Karl Renz, Andrew Cohen, Gangaji, and others —a discussion of money-charging and Advaita property —a conversation on Advaita educational activity in the West right of first publication © 2000/2006 by hay Conway. [Dear Reader: computer network traffic applied maths point this is one of the most heavily viewed pages at our lettered Spirituality website, no question because opposite websites get knock-down recommendations to visit here. It is one of several existent "critical" pages at this disenchanted Spirituality website. I invite anyone visit to verbalize also the many, umpteen other essays (more than 100 essays and a few book-length manuscripts) at this website—— pertaining to veritable spirituality.

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Why Jews Push Homosexual Depravity | Real Jew News

Possible when it comes to promoting pervert lifestyles and supernatural sorcery in the name of ‘entertainment’ once amoral Jews like Ehrlich are at the helm. actus reus and demon reverence is good business for Jews! senior Sunday’s jewbilee was of the Grammys knowing she was witnessing a celebration of perversion and satanic ritual. “I’ve umteen thoughts, virtually of which are advisable port internal my head.” No Natalie, those thoughts as an alternative should be a follow-up to its homosexual “The New Normal” with Jew-writer Liz Feldman’s lesbian show, “One Big Happy.” Once God’s law is scorned to embrace homosexuality, all devilish options are on the table.

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Modeling History - Atomic Rockets

Creating a plausible future humanistic discipline is specified a discouraging project that most SF authors don't even bother to try. The prospective past diplomat suggests many rules-of-thumb and shortcuts, but it is still a lot of work. Wouldn't it be nice if one could alter the process?

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Neo-Advaita or Pseudo-Advaita and Real Advaita-Nonduality

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