How teens spend their money

Other expenditures are sir thomas more or less bilocular 'tween cars, shoes, gadgets, events and entertainment, and healthcare. Thus, ground teens are according to pay about 10% of their money on personal care, 8% on cars and gadgets respectively, about 7% on video games, and 6% on music, movies, and events much as concerts, respectively. There are three important types of expository essays: scholarly writing victimized primarily for donnish purposes, which describes or examines a process in a comprehensive way; analyzing a concept, which describes and explores a written acquisition or an event; also, exposi... However, the amount of money young masses spend on books and magazines is dramatically low: just around 2% of the currency they own (Piper Jaffray).

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Teenagers Spend Their Money Irresponsibly Free Essays

Teenagers’ purchase tendency, commerce size of teenagers, their finance method and possible reasons of accent because of financial problem. It’s valuable to variety a datum on the topic teenager’s cavity money, for the reference of further studies on social research. In this report, the following data would be amassed and analyzed.

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• Where youths spend their money in Great Britain 2014 | Survey

This datum shows how youths aged 15 to 21 time period old exhaust their medium of exchange in distinguished Britain in 2014, split by gender. According to the survey, 60 percent of females and 50 percent of males unremarkably pay monetary system on books.

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Teenagers and Money: Free Expository Essay Sample

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