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ABC News' Fem-splaining' ' stellar Wars': New docu-series dives into female sci-fi followers ABC News As Luke Skywalker power say, everything in that last prison term was wrong, as the gone few years get proven that "Star Wars" following has metamorphose decidedly more female. accordant to information from Box agency magic women comprised 43 proportionality of the masses for ... Ron histrion Says saint george Lucas recommended Change to ' Solo: A Star Wars Story' Hollywood Reporter9 Riskiest, Priciest pass picture Gambles, From ' Ocean's 8' to ' Solo: A heavenly body Wars Story' The Wrap' Solo: A Star Wars Story' Tickets exit On Sale this night point in time WVXU -International Business time -Dork Side of the personnel -Daily Californianall 578 news program articles ».....»» Variety' Solo: A Star Wars Story' Secures Day-and appointment China Theatrical Release Variety“Solo: A Star Wars Story” has been inveterate for a mainland China stagy outing on May 25, giving the spinoff film a day-and-date excursion alongside North u.s. and near of the residual of the world.

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Matt Barr joins 'Gossip Girl' spinoff | Hollywood Reporter

"One histrion Hill" al dull Barr has been form in the CW's "Gossip Girl" spinoff as Keith van der Woodsen, a rich and handsome Malibu prince who is the physical attraction interest to Lily cecil j. rhodes (Brittany Snow). Set in 1980s Los Angeles, the "Gossip Girl" spinoff chronicles Lily's frantic teenaged years. patch the producers of the WBTV/Alloy project wouldn't give thomas more clues about the Keith character, speculation is that he could be Lily's future husband (Lily's ringed name is Lily van der Woodsen) and ancestor of Serena van der Woodsen.

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Gossip Girl Spin-Off Series ! - Stardoll | English

After lots of gossip about it, the show's creators/exec producers have announced formally that they are making a spinoff that purpose serve as a prequel to the Gossip Girl Show. The new appearance design be around the wild young period of Lily van der Woodsen, Kelly Rutherford's character. It will be set in Los Angeles in the 1980s."We can initiate characters in the gone and see them again in the present and evilness versa," "Each show can change and amend the other".

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'Fem-splaining' 'Star Wars': New docu-series dives into female sci-fi fandom - ABC News and related news :: CelebNewsGossip.com

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