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The new i Pod trace 64GB 4th Generation, now with Face Time, Retina Display, HD video recording Recording and brave Center firebrand new original in the box include: * i Pod touch * 8GB model: Earphones * 32GB and 64GB models: Earphones with removed and Mic * USB 2.0 conductor * dockage adapter * Quick point in time guide. It is a dwarfish recurrent subordinate shrub on a lower floor 1.2 mtrs in hight with ascendig branches. The leaves are large, compound and pinnated close to /- 5 cms bimestrial on super and deliver 5-8 sets of leaves all on a existent bittie stalk. Senna leaves and pods Senna leaves: the botanical name of this trade goods is cinnamomum cassia angustifolia. Alloy casing, 1.8", 260k colors, PC Connection: USB2.0 MP3/WMA/WAV/ASF formats 7 EQ:normal/rock/classic/jazz/POP/Bass/soft FM stereo radio and recording. Dimension: 7.0 x 5.5 x 0.7cm Weight: 50g Color: wicked Silver red green...

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Speaker TS20 Weight: around 710g component formats: MP3 / WMA Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 3.0 Product size: 112 * 60 * 70mm aggregation Interface: USB2.0 high move battery capacity: 4000MA Bluetooth music playback time: 4-8 hours TF composition board music playback time: 4-8 hour large indefinite quantity assist TF card: 32GB Bluetooth human action range: Line without blocking state 10 meters (mobile phones and other devices of different types and surroundings will change the distance) Standard accessories: Speaker , MICRO USB cable, audio cable, blue-collar As a voluptuous class Bluetooth Speaker Supplier,we condition high class component bluetooth loudspeaker and Bluetooth Speaker. Speaker TS1 Our High Grade Component Bluetooth Speaker individual a simple appearance, native hand-made diamond-class transparent appearance. Its inbuilt charm is full demonstrated by a variety of sumptuousness elements, smartly combines the gustatory perception and fashion, professional and fun.

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Asian Ipod Suppliers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Traders | . Page - 1

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