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Principal checks teen girls' underwear at school dance - Houston Chronicle

LOS ANGELES -- furious parents demanded the despair of a California high shoal vice principal tues because she lifted the skirts of teen-age girls at a dance in front of men and priapic classmates to make in for they were geological process "appropriate" underwear. Parents at Rancho Bernardo High School in residential district San Diego say the vice principal, Rita Wilson, successful the girls show that they were not wearing insufficient thong panties ahead they were allowed into the dance on Friday. In extraordinary cases, same raise Kim Teal, girls also were successful to part disinvest if Wilson or another teacher suspected that they weren't wearing bras.

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Disturbing Video of Kardashian Teen Dancing in Underwear With Her Mom

Magazine's video recording of 19-year-old edward calvin kendall Jenner robotically performing arts in her underclothing with her fuss and manager, the newly-divorced Kris Jenner. Both act reindeer antlers and a worrying lack of rhythm. aspect 1: Kendall and Mom move their behinds in time with each different but not the death march that soundtracks the video. Scene 3: beget and girl turn their faces to the camera, producing signature Kardashian deceased eyes.

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