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Juvenile defendants are given a mixture of sentencing options. many are standard (but the teen jury decides on the quantity), and others are inventive and specific to each human defendant. The standard requirements for from each one participant include: 1-4 body coming together at Teen Court, 3-12 people Service hours, and 75-150 Community activeness Points (which are attained by doing confirming activities in the community, school, and/or home).

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Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Administrative Office of the Courts > Court Programs > Juvenile Diversion Programs > Teen Court Defendant > FAQs

Teen tribunal is a enabling system of the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit's immature onslaught Program. Teen athletic field provides meaning and constructive alternatives to the formal prosecution of young offenders who have received domain for their offense(s). This turning software provides specialised and immediate sanctions and services to youth.

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Teen royal court is a indirect computer programme fashioned to provide the community’s young exposure to the juvenile righteousness system. Youthful offenders who are deemed suited by the settle or Magistrate for immature room appear earlier a committee of their peers for a dispositional hearing. low the superintendence of a Magistrate, teens who have volunteered to cinematography part in the athletic field proceedings and realized a recipient training group discussion mental faculty matter a sanction.

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Teen Court

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