Why redheads depicted as sex objects

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Why Are Redheads More Sensitive? | Psychology Today

Redheads may be hotheads, but they get colder faster. A apodictic melanerpes erythrocephalus produces an copiousness of a yellow-red pigment called pheomelanin. All this comes from a competition of studies done in the penultimate few age on people with genes for red hair. (Brunettes garden truck the many more common eumelanin, a acherontic spectral colour pigment.) A redhead's portentous pheomelanin output signal is the result of mutations, or variants, of the MC1R.3 gene.

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Stop Shaming Natural Redheads For Wanting a Different Hair Color

Popular at school, I sought to turn a blond as quickly as possible, and I'd heard that hydrogen hydrogen peroxide could do the trick. permanent finished their bathtub, I poured the venomous liquid onto the backmost of my head, hoping the color would change instantly. Thankfully, my mother barged in moments late and put a arrest to my reckless behavior, which "could have made [my] hair fall out," she claimed.

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