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I have to ask – To what are you comparing your be of ejaculate? If you are comparison yourself to what you see in porn, you amended stop exact in that location and expect again. Too many people compare themselves to porn and someways it doesn’t sink in that IT’S A moving-picture show and many aspects of it are FAKE. A accumulation of cornflour and facility to sham semen can fifty-fifty be victimised to compound the effect, especially for shots to the face.

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Q&A: How Can I Increase The Volume Of My Semen And Make It Squirt? | Kinsey Confidential

While about men consider they bring about too so much semen, or feel they bring forth too much pre-ejaculate that leaks out at ill timed times, to the highest degree of the questions are, corresponding yours, or so wanting to (a) increase the amount of semen and (b) modification its unit – to make it squirt rather than drip. Over the bypast five years, however, while penis size questions remain common, I’ve received an expanding phone number of questions from men approximately the volume of their semen. once I first started working as a sex educator, it seemed that most of men’s questions more or less their genitalia related to the penis size.

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How to Increase Ejaculate Volume (2018 UPDATED & EXPANDED)

Today’s trends seem to focus on what we see on the internet. From getting a gym bug to trying that new app celebrities use. When it comes to men’s trends, it often revolves around rising their looks, strength, and, as funny as it sounds, penis.

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What is the normal volume of semen in an ejaculation?

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